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What is the Third Wave?
What is Third Wave?

Answering the call to cherish and defend innocent human life, the modern pro-life movement surged forward as a predominantly Catholic effort in the 60’s. It was flooded with Evangelical energy in the 80’s—the second wave of the pro-life movement. The “Third Wave” points to the triumphant progress to be expected when the Black and Latino Christian community not only join, but lead, the Pregnancy HELP Movement.

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Heartbeat's Commitment to Urban Initiatives

Heartbeat International is praying for a “Third Wave” of minority leadership and participation in our movement. We are irrevocably committed to urban initiatives. This means identifying the neediest neighborhoods of America, the most abortion-plagued communities of our nation’s largest cities, and working through the local Christian community to establish ultrasound-equipped pregnancy help centers and maternity homes. We currently have urban initiatives in Miami, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. We are calling our affiliates to “go urban” as they plan for expansion. We are asking Black and Latino Christians already working in our affiliate ministries to step into national leadership and training. Our ranks are slowly but surely swelling with minority leaders. And we are collaborating, where possible, with minority-focused pro-life organizations linked here.

Probably the most Abortion-Targeted Neighborhood in America