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Have you met Mo?

Formerly Marathons for Moms, Momentium is an exclusive fundraising opportunity for current affiliates of Heartbeat International to connect with runners already in their mailing list as well as the running community.  Just recruit runners to join and you’ll literally need not lift a finger for any event details! Marathon runners are already planning and training to attend one or more of the hundreds of races being planned across the nation. They find the marathon for them. The website gives them easy tools to enlist their friends and family in support of you and the great cause of affirming life.

Momentium is a simple but incredibly powerful way for individuals to connect to the pregnancy resource community. It’s a place to join together with others in different cities, towns, and villages all across the United States to help minister to the mothers we see every day. It’s a place people can support women and their unborn children with resources that matter. It’s a place to celebrate life by participating in the largest coordinated pro-life funding effort in the nation.

It’s a place to run with purpose.

We have already had folks register to support centers in New York, Colorado, Ohio, and California.  Your center, if you are a current  Heartbeat affiliate, is already set up to enlist runners or walkers. Please don’t miss this opportunity to raise the funds you need.  Remember, each runner/walker commits to raise or give $1,310 by posting their run on Facebook, sending e-mails to friends and relatives, doing collections in churches, etc., while you continue to work in the ministry.

What do you need to do?  Three easy steps:

  1. Be a current Heartbeat International affiliate. (Click here to affiliate.)
  2. Publicize Momentium to your supporters and community.
  3. Sign up runners and keep them encouraged.

Momentium will process the donations received, supply the runners with goodies (quality running shirt, backpack and more) and forward the proceeds to your center. It could hardly be easier!

For more information about Momentium or for walkers or runners to register, check out GoMoGo.org.  If you have any additional questions or would like some advice on how this incredibly easy tool can help you raise thousands of dollars for your center, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We’d love to help.

Marathon runners - to find a marathon near you, go to MarathonGuide.com.