Join us for Babies Go to Congress 2019



Lawmakers need to hear from you!

You have a strategic opportunity to join us for Babies Go to Congress 2019. 

With all of the anger and unrest happening in our country, could there be a better time for you to visit your Representatives with good news? You will be equipped and empowered to share the good news of how your organization is reaching and rescuing lives in need in your area. Not only that, you will have the chance to bring a client and her baby along to share their story firsthand. Do not miss this opportunity at this historic moment in our nation's history! 


Did you also know that your center can greatly benefit from participating in Babies Go to Congress?

Here are just a few ways that your center can benefit:

1. Local and national media exposure. 

Babies Go to Congress is an excellent way for you to utilize local and national media to tout the good work that your ministry is doing in your community. We all know the constant attacks on pregnancy help centers that are being released from mainstream media, but no reporter can argue with a woman's real-life story of finding help and support at your center. 

2. Media/Event training.

While participating in Babies Go to Congress you will receive training that is vital when talking to the media. Heartbeat will train you on developing talking points that will keep you on target when speaking to friendly or unfriendly media outlets. Through this training you will also be empowered to return home and have your own "Babies Go to Congress" event in your state capitol or city. 

3. Donor Relations.

What donor doesn't enjoy giving to a specific project? Participating in Babies Go to Congress is not free. But, it does open a golden opportunity for you to engage your donors in the lead-up to a major event that will make a major impact on a national level. 

4. Pictures and Videos.

Your center will have access and rights to the high-quality images and videos captured at Babies Go to Congress. Many centers have found these images to be very useful for events, banquets, and donor relations pieces. 

5. The March for Life.

Have you ever participated in the national March for Life? If not, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss! The March for Life is the largest gathering of pro-life people in the country. It is a powerful event that will energize and inspire you and your group. You will go home wanted to share this experience with everyone you know and make plans to attend next year!

 If you are interested in more information, please click the button and fill out our form. We will contact you very soon!


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