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Babies Go to Congress: July 18-19, 2012

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Heartbeat International’s Babies Go to Congress campaign may be the most powerful Pro-Life event on Capitol Hill, especially during this pivotal election year.  Just imagine your lawmakers meeting with women who chose life at our pregnancy centers!  After all, who can turn away smiling mothers, with happy babies in hand, who share their stories of the love and support they found at their local pregnancy help center? (Watch the videos below.) With your support, Heartbeat International will continue to send mothers and babies to Washington, D.C., every year to make a stand for life. Help us send more babies to Congress today!

“I applaud all of the men and women serving at Pregnancy Resource Centers across America. These individuals work daily to provide hope, practical resources, and personal mentoring to individuals facing uncertain times and difficult decisions. Through the compassion and caring of volunteers, countless women are empowered to choose life for themselves and their babies. Pregnancy Resource Centers are the most powerful force in our society for life and I commend them for all they do.”

- Rep. Vicky Hartzler (MO-4)

"I was finally welcomed with open arms."

No woman should ever feel so alone, so coerced, or so hopeless that she ends her child's life through abortion. But that is just how Shelly Louis felt last year. Now she is telling her story to members of Congress! She was financially insecure, unmarried, and now expecting her third child. Shelly did not think she could handle another child and abortion seemed to be the only option. Then she found Heartbeat affiliate, Pregnancy Center of Bryan County.

"Only because of their encouragement and compassion was I able to think clearly about my options and make the right choice to protect the life of my unborn child.  My arrangements to visit the abortion clinic were cancelled and Kiree’s life was saved.


Since Kiree’s birth, God has allowed me to share my story to influence two friends who were considering abortion.  Both of those girls also chose life for their babies.  I am thankful and blessed that God has used me to continue the work of the pregnancy center beyond its doors by being an 'ambassador for life' myself, among my own circle of influence. "


Read more testimonies from the mothers joining Heartbeat for Babies Go to Congress.

What Happened on Capitol Hill?


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