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Read the Heartbeat International Amicus Brief

We’re living in a powerful moment in history—a time when women in crisis have more opportunities and support than ever before. That's why Heartbeat International has joined the biggest challenge to Roe v. Wade

Heartbeat filed an amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. 

This is a direct challenge to the antiquated arguments of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey: that women need an abortion to participate in society. 

You and I know that’s never been true. Now Heartbeat International is seizing this moment to make the argument that women today are already empowered, strong, and abortion does absolutely NOTHING for them.  

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Heartbeat’s amicus brief provides the individual testaments of Nikki Pinkley, Brittni Curl and Michelle Bisbee, showing how they were assisted by pregnancy help organizations as example that women do not have to choose between the life of their unborn child and taking part in society.
We want you to get to know each of these strong, courageous moms today!