Two lives saved through Option Line...

“Gina, if you don’t get to the ER tonight, you may not be alive to go to work next week.”

Anastacia, a consultant for Option Line®, was worried about her caller, Gina, whose botched attempt to abort her child had now put her own life at risk.

Even with her life in the balance, Gina was hesitant to go to the emergency room because she didn’t want to miss work the next morning. She knew she was in trouble, but without Anastacia’s voice—urging and pleading with her—Gina may not have survived.

Thanks to Anastacia’s urgent, timely advice, Gina finally got the help she needed. In the process, she also made the death-defying, life-affirming decision to continue her pregnancy and cherish her unborn child.

A week later, Gina contacted Option Line to make sure Anastacia knew that she was alright, and had committed to caring for her child.

Every day, more than 600 women just like Gina contact Option Line. Since it began in 2003, Option Line has reached over 3 million women and couples with the real-time, real-life help they need to choose life.

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Through our Life Reach program, you can help spread the word about Option Line while you give. You can make your donation in honor of a loved one by telling us the occasion and date, and we’ll send them a greeting card to thank them for playing a role in this vital ministry.

Make sure someone like Anastacia is there to answer the next time someone like Gina calls.


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