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But where is He?

by Ashley Vance, RN, BSN, LAS, Heartbeat International Healthcare Team Manager

The saints will throw their crowns at His feet. The angels cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy!” Every knee will bow and tongue will confess.

He sits on the most glorious throne reigning over a kingdom so magnificent the streets are gold, and our human mind can’t even begin to comprehend it.

He is the ultimate power, love, truth, and righteousness.

But where is He?

He is everywhere, and He is with every single woman regretting her abortion. Imagine seeing all of them. From the beginning of time until the very last. Every single life lost from around this fallen world—He knows them by name.

He brought them into existence, lovingly knit them together, and cares so much for every single one.

He is with the woman in the bathroom desperately trying to throw up the pill, the one searching the internet from the parking lot of the abortion clinic, and the one who can’t sleep at night heartbroken over what she’s done.

He leads them, He guides them, He gives them eyes to see and ears to hear. He shows them love, mercy, and He guides them to APRN. The rescue, the hope, the second chance, and the network that loves them too!

4,500 lives saved through abortion pill reversal

Pray for Pregnancy Help in Ukraine

Hearing the devastating news of war in Ukraine, we've been reaching out to our affiliates and friends in the pregnancy help movement in the midst of the fighting. Olena Batina of Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center, was visiting our offices last week with a meeting of pregnancy help leaders. We are grateful to be able to share her prayer requests directly with you in the video below. Others we've talked to have also shared specific prayer requests below. Please join us in prayer for the pregnancy help movement around the world, especially the requests below.

Prayer requests from those with boots on the ground, actively working to protect lives of women and their children:

  • prayer for safety, Kharkiv is at the center of much of the heavy fighting;
  • prayer for L who is directing the center from her home connecting pregnant women with center and church volunteers;
  • pray specifically for three women who came to the center for their celebration pictures with their infants, they are in need of resources;
  • pray for two pregnant women, one of whom is 34 weeks; she is sheltering in a basement with no access to medical help;
  • ask the Lord to open ways for food, formula, water, and diapers to reach L's apartment so she can distribute them;
  • pray for over 1,000,000 refugees who are headed for the western part of the country;
  • pray for the Polish churches and NGOs who are receiving the refugees, for compassion, mercy and for the outpouring of resources in Poland for the Ukrainians;
  • pray for the morale and spirit of the Ukrainian nation. 

We will continue to update this page as additional prayer requests come in. If you wish to submit your own prayer request, click here. 

Pictures from a friend in Ukraine:

IMG 3292 IMG 3278 IMG 3279 IMG 3277 IMG 3291

If you're looking for a way to support the pregnancy help movement in Eastern Europe in this time, consider making a donation to Heartbeat's HALO Fund (Helping Affiliated Life-affirming Organizations).

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