An Informed Look: A New Tool for Sharing the Truth

by Laura Strietmann, Associate Director, Pregnancy Center East, Cincinnati, Ohio

When I began serving clients in crisis at Pregnancy Center East in Cincinnati, Ohio over 7 years ago, I noticed that besides time, love, and an ultrasound, there was another powerful tool in assisting a woman in the choice of life for her unborn baby.

This was an outdated grainy VHS tape, entitled Abortion Techniques. Non-graphic in content, but real and compassionate, each
 time this tape was viewed by a client considering abortion, she left with a different mindset. The client usually moved from being abortion-vulnerable to choosing life for her baby.

Carol Everett, a former abortion 
clinic owner and operator, turned pro-life warrior, had filmed Abortion Techniques in 1993. It was a 25-minute video showing abortion through illustrations, actual tools, and Carol’s personal testimony. Many centers throughout the country use this video in teaching pregnant women the realities of abortion. Today, abortion has been made to seem as if it is equivalent to having a mole removed, as a “necessary” aspect of healthcare. Abortion Techniques showed how far these perceptions are from reality. One day several years ago, while working at PCE, our copy of the video broke. After searching for an updated replacement for this worn tape, I discovered that the industry lacked a current video with the most recent abortion methods sensitively presented in such an effective manner.

I decided to contact Carol Everett, now very busy as an internationally known pro-life author, speaker, and lobbyist for the state of Texas. Had she thought of making a more updated version of the video? Did she realize the number of babies’ lives saved by this tape? Would she see it was time to make a new film? Several months of persistent emails, Facebook inbox messages, and finally a phone conversation before Carol conditionally agreed to the project.

Having never met 
in person, only through internet and phone lines, Carol promised that if I could secure funding for the project, she would journey to PCE and make a new video. She would generously assign PCE the rights to the video as a means for fundraising. Through the generosity of the Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Foundation, PCE was able to secure the funds to film the new version. This was not the answer I thought I would receive in my initial inquiries, but it was an incredible opportunity to affect the lives of the babies at PCE and now throughout the country.

Carol traveled to Cincinnati and Greg Schlueter, a Catholic moviemaker, and staff member for the Diocese of Toledo, OH filmed the video. On the afternoon of February 15, 2013 just as filming was wrapping up at PCE our doorbell rang. With a CLOSED sign on the door, two women still rang our bell desperate for help. As I opened the door and they noticed all of the filming equipment, the client begged for assistance. Stepping inside the Center, the client shared she was already well into her second trimester, but had finally just told her sister, who then found the Center and brought her for help. The situation was sensitive and the expecting mom was also post abortive.

As the young pregnant client and her sister described the crisis, Carol rounded the corner and heard the story. Right there in the lobby of PCE Carol listened to this young client and through a beautiful conversation offered so much understanding and hope. Carol counseled the client with sincerity and love. This client stayed in PCE’s care throughout her pregnancy and a perfect baby was delivered this summer. Mom is overjoyed with how everything has worked out. This was the first miracle of life from the updated video being brought to reality.

An Informed Look at Abortion Techniques is the new 14-minute modern life-saving tool. Using modern colors and graphics Mertz Design Studios completed this version to also include information on Plan B as well as RU-486 abortions. The initial launch of the video took place in April 2013 at the Heartbeat International Conference, selling over 100 copies to centers as far away as Alaska, Africa, Austria, and Germany.

After viewing the video in Dallas at the Conference, Janet Morana, Executive Director of Priests for Life, shared, “Every pregnancy center should be showing this movie to clients.” Reviews from center directors throughout the country are calling it “powerful,” the “best tool next to an ultrasound in reaching hearts and minds in the decision for life.”

On the day I write this article one absolutely abortion determined mom sat in PCE with a volunteer and viewed An Informed Look. The decision for life was made then and there while watching the video, even before the ultrasound. The client was astounded by the reality of abortion procedures. What happens to her body as well as the unborn baby’s was shocking to say the least. Even in a non-graphic manner, seeing how an abortion is performed is devastating enough. When making the biggest decision of her life a woman deserves to have complete information. Carol’s testimony is riveting.

Hearing the sorrow of a post-abortive women provides another enormous window to the reality of abortion. Viewing this film allows a woman, in the words of Carol “To make her decision fully informed.”

We hope to get this tool in the hands
of thousands, including pregnancy resource centers, high school educators, and politicians. We will be distributing the video at future Catholic and pro-life conferences. Please visit us in Washington, D.C. during The March for Life convention. The video will continue to be sold through, as well as directly through the Center, at 513-321-3100.

If you would like to connect with Laura about presenting the video at any future appropriate meetings or conferences please contact her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 513-321-3100.

Maternity Home Provides Safe Harbor in Tanzania


This story was sent to Heartbeat from Josephine Shoo, Executive Director of Options Pregnancy Clinic of Tanzania.

This child (pictured left) is albino. She almost lost her life before she was born, because her mother didn't have a true commitment to her father, and her family tried to force her to abort.

Herocially, she completely refused to do so!

After her birth, the father was so happy because the baby was albino, he came and suggested to the mother that they could cut her fingers or hands and sell them, so they could become rich and live forever happily together.

This is a lie of the enemy that has been going on in our country for many years. The spirit of death and the Culture of Death have far too often prevailed. Thankfully, this mother--again, heroically!--refused, and ran to our maternity home for rescue.

As for this precious little child, her life was in danger before and after her birth. But, she is now a big girl, and she just joined our school this year.

Meet Jospehine at the 2014 Heartbeat International Annual Conference, March 24-27 in Charleston, S.C., where she is among 20 non-U.S. affiliate representatives who will attend, thanks to a scholarship provided by generous Heartbeat financial partners.

Pregnancy Help Centers: Prevention, Crisis Intervention, Healing

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by Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D., President of Heartbeat International

The common names used for a pregnancy help center during the last 30 plus years tell a lot about where we’ve been and where we are going.  The earliest names used were Birthright and EPS (Emergency Pregnancy Services), and then came PPC’s (Problem Pregnancy Centers), then CPC’s (Crisis Pregnancy Centers), and then PRC’s (Pregnancy Resource Centers). Now we also have “A Woman’s Concern Health Centers” and “Life Choices Medical Clinics” among a host of other medical and professional-sounding names.

The burgeoning numbers and types of alternatives to abortion services and affiliating organizations also tell much about our history.  The first printed (i.e. mimeographed) directory of contact names and semi-organized centers in the United States contained about 75 entries.    The latest Heartbeat International Directory contains about 3,400 entries in the US.  Approximately 2,300 are pregnancy centers (about 350 of which have added medical services), and about 80% of those are members of one or more of 10 affiliating organizations.  The rest of the entries are professional social service agencies, such as Catholic Charities, also known for providing alternatives to abortion (about 500), Christian maternity homes (about 350), non-profit, Christian adoption agencies (about 160), some hotlines (about 30), and some freestanding post abortion programs (about 50).

The names and types of organizations reflect our response to the women, girls, and families who have been coming to us for help for over 30 years, the clients who are, in a sense, “products” of a decaying culture, sometimes now called a Culture of Death.  In the late 60’s and 70’s we presumed these women were in short term crisis (hence the name EPS). Now we recognize them as the walking wounded who need much more than simple crisis intervention. In the 70’s, we thought our culture was in a short-term memory lapse and would soon return to our Judeo-Christian values. Now we realize we need to teach those values anew to a generation that has hardly heard of them, a generation with the scars to prove it.

The Original Vision:  Mother-and-Baby-Centered Service

The birth of pregnancy centers in the U.S. was not a result of Roe v. Wade but of the earlier movement to liberalize abortion laws state by state.  Concerned people realized that with the carefully crafted message that abortion was sometimes the reluctant, humane, even loving choice; some women would be influenced to abort their babies unless they had help and support.  (At that time, most pro-life people did not fully comprehend that the movement to liberalize abortion laws was an integral part of a well-orchestrated strategy to break down traditional family and religious values and replace them with hedonistic and atheistic ones.)

Catholics, especially medical professionals and mothers, with their firm tradition of welcoming children and consistent teaching on the sanctity of human life, were in the forefront of a movement to start alternatives to abortion services, although they rarely saw this as a Catholic issue, or even a uniquely Christian mission.  It was simply part of who they were.  The work was generally seen as service, a humanitarian effort, an outreach of one caring individual to another, although the motive was from deeply held religious values and beliefs.

The first formal alternatives to abortion service organization was Birthright, founded in Canada in 1968. Centers using the Birthright name soon spread to the United States.  A strict Charter, established in 1971, is still followed by all Birthrights. Their vision was that you could not save the baby without “saving” (or serving) the mother, and vise versa.

A similar woman-and-baby-centered vision was held by the Alternatives to Abortion, formed in 1971 (soon renamed Alternatives to Abortion International and called AAI) in the United States.  The founders established a loose federation of independent organizations that could network with and learn from each other, rather than a “franchise” model. This seemed right for the entrepreneurial United States, where a variety of small organizations had already sprung up, starting in the late 60’s, from California to New York, some operating out of pro-life doctors’ offices, churches, or even homes. (Interestingly, both the loose federation and the franchise model still exist among the 10 pregnancy center membership organizations 30 years later.)

While AAI often called itself the “service arm of the pro-life movement,” they and Birthright considered themselves quite distinct from Right to Life, the lobbying and educational arm.  The service organizations seemed cautious about losing their coveted 501(c)(3) status, so they shied away from any lobbying. Their role was primarily “crisis intervention.” Once the woman knew she had a friend and could be connected, by referral, to a variety of services in the community (medical care, housing, material aid, and social services), the presumption was that their work had been a “success.”  The mother was safe, and therefore the baby would be safe.

Both Right to Life and the service organizations agreed on one thing: the pro-life issue should be presented as a civil rights issue (for AAI, a “humanitarian” or “service” one), not a religious issue.  The theory was that this would gain wider acceptance of the tenet that each human life is valuable, and pro-life would not be marginalized as a “Catholic issue.”   The presumption also was that our religious beliefs and Judeo-Christian values were a “given,” shared by most of America, so they did not need to be explicitly stated within our centers.

By the 1980’s and certainly in the 1990’s, as abortions continued and affected not only women but everyone connected with them, as the culture became more accepting of “sex for recreation,” as sexually transmitted diseases surged and AIDS emerged, as marriage declined and the disintegration of the two-parent family continued, and as our culture became more obviously hedonistic and amoral, the “disconnect” between the original theory and reality was evident.   In response, new values and visions within the pregnancy center movement emerged.

The Baby-Centered Vision

The first influence was the baby-centered approach.  It soon brought centers, in general, into disrepute, but eventually led to a movement from within toward real credibility.  In the late 1970’s, perhaps due to frustration that the lobbying and educational branch had not passed a Human Life Amendment and abortion numbers were skyrocketing, a more pro-active influence came into the pregnancy center movement.  Centers were urged to advertise alongside abortion clinics in the yellow pages (the phone book indexes referred readers to the same headings, such as Clinics and Birth Control Information, for both abortion services and abortion alternatives), show slides to clients of fetal development and aborted babies, and, in general, use every possible method to save the baby at risk for abortion.  A small number of “Problem Pregnancy Centers” influenced by this approach emerged.

In 1987, an orchestrated effort by Planned Parenthood resulted in television and magazine exposes on these centers.  Stories, written by undercover reporters posing as clients and using hidden cameras and tape recorders, ironically faulted the centers for not being totally “upfront” and transparent.

Congressional hearings were held, but pregnancy centers were forbidden from testifying in their own defense, so, in the public arena, pregnancy centers had a “black eye.”  Many involved in centers felt the embarrassment and shame, and supporters began to wonder if their own center was operating unethically.  Centers began to be suspicious of each other.  The boomerang effect even caused some to think they needed to “warn” potential clients, in ads and on the phone, of their pro-life values.  Client numbers decreased in many areas.

Legal attacks also resulted from this public relations effort to discredit centers. State Attorneys General tried to dictate center advertising and phone scripts.  Individuals, organized by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) filed suits against some centers. Court findings often went against these centers and some were forced to pay damages and even close.

The attacks resulted not in the end of pregnancy help centers, the intention of our opponents, but eventually in strengthening of the centers.  In 1993, NIFLA, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, was founded specifically to provide legal education and training to help centers become more professional and protect themselves from frivolous tort claims (such as assault and battery for touching a client without her permission), and NIFLA spearheaded the development of the first insurance program to protect centers for “counselor liability.”   

The Medical Vision

Some centers in California had been accused of “practicing medicine without a license” for providing urine pregnancy tests, and pro-choice wordsmiths began to label all centers “fake clinics.” Meanwhile, in the medical field, ultrasound was emerging as a new diagnostic tool for pregnancy.  NIFLA soon envisioned real clinics not only doing pregnancy testing but also using ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy, and pioneered a medical model for centers either licensed by the state or working under the license of a private physician.  The potential of ultrasound to help abortion-vulnerable mothers bond with their babies was clear.

More and more centers today are adding ultrasound services for abortion-vulnerable clients. True to their entrepreneurial nature, centers are taking the original model even further, with some adding STD testing, pap smears, natural family planning, prenatal care, birthing centers, and even well baby care. Some are becoming “hub” medical clinics and encouraging other centers to refer clients to them for ultrasound and other medical services.  We are beginning to see a ripple effect, influencing the medical community in contact with our pregnancy centers, as we partner to bring a more pro-life and holistic approach to the care of women.

Predictably, our new strength has led to a second NARAL effort, starting in 2000, to close down pregnancy centers, fourteen years after the first.  This new attack accelerated the growing unity among pregnancy centers, and the national affiliating organizations quickly responded.   A united legal and public relations strategy, orchestrated by the Christian Legal Society, resulted in the withdrawal of subpoenas filed by the New York Attorney General against eight pregnancy centers, an attack that followed the strategy outlined by NARAL.  Again, attack has led to strengthening, but the ultimate outcome of this new wave to discredit our centers has yet to be seen.

Ironically, the original baby-centered approach, that provided ammunition to discredit centers, eventually led to more professionalism and credibility.  Ironically too, our opponents certainly hoped to eliminate all baby pictures.  Instead, still pictures have been replaced by images of “live action” ultrasound provided by licensed medical personnel that allows women not only to have an accurate diagnosis of pregnancy at a very early stage (thereby helping their decision-making process), but also to bond with their babies in utero.

The Christian Vision

In the early 1980’s, Evangelical Christians came into the pro-life movement in large numbers, and they were a “breath of fresh air” to those who had been carrying the ball since the late 60’s.  Christian Action Council (CAC) had been formed in 1975, primarily as a pro-life educational and lobbying organization, and it soon saw the need for pregnancy centers.   Their first pregnancy center was opened in 1980. CAC’s “crisis pregnancy centers” had a mission to evangelize the woman with a crisis pregnancy.  Thus, their vision was woman centered and baby centered, but primarily Christ centered.

For Evangelical Christians, abortion was and is, first and foremost, a religious issue (rather than a civil rights or humanitarian one) and a call to action for Christians.  In 1984, CAC launched Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on the Sunday closest to January 22, in an effort to educate and motivate Evangelical churches nationwide.

The service arm of this organization eventually took priority, the education and lobbying arm of CAC was eliminated, and CAC was renamed Care Net to emphasize their network of renamed Pregnancy Care Centers.

The value of the work of pregnancy centers as ministries has been enhanced by the involvement of Focus on the Family, which, in the 1990’s, developed a program to support pregnancy centers with educational materials and a ministry office.

The mix of Catholics and Protestants of various denominations has strengthened centers nationally. Most now seem to consider their Christianity a part of their work in some way.   This could be entirely through “service” (the root vision), sometimes called “being Christ” to a client, and/or through direct evangelization, “sharing Christ” with a client, or a combination of both.  The former take their inspiration from the Biblical directive, “Whatever you do for one of these the least of my brethren, you do it unto Me.”  The latter from the Great Commission, “Go forth, therefore, and teach all nations.”

There is currently an effort to unite Christians within our movement, especially Catholics and Evangelicals, by developing materials, conferences, and other gatherings that focus on what we have in common, rather than on the theological differences that have divided Christians for centuries.  Mutual respect is developing within and among very different organizations, evidenced at the national, state, and city levels.

The Healing Vision

In the early 70’s, we had begun to see clients who had already had one or more abortion and were thinking of another, and we had begun to be approached by post abortive women who wanted to help other women avoid the tragic mistake they had made.  The term “post abortion syndrome” had not yet even been coined. When we consulted professional counselors for help, they either denied that abortion had any ill effects or they cautioned us, as volunteers and nonprofessionals, not to get involved for fear that post abortive women might become suicidal.

Early attempts were made in some AAI centers to create post abortion programs that were “nondenominational and nonsectarian.”  Remember, the early concept had been that the centers were not ministries, but rather “service” centers for mothers and babies.  However, when centers were confronted with the need for post abortion healing programs, many moved from the service model to a ministry model, realizing that they had to choose a basis for their “counseling” and the obvious choice was a Biblical one.

So, pregnancy centers have been pioneers in developing post abortion programs for men and women, most of which take the form of support groups, Bible studies, or one-on-one counseling. Organizations have formed whose sole mission is to provide and promote post abortion programs, many of which have their roots in pregnancy centers.

We have also come to realize in pregnancy centers that almost all of our clients have broken sexual integrity.  They are wounded by casual sex and broken trust, sexual abuse, incest, date rape, and/or abortion. By the 1980’s and certainly by the 90’s, most of our clients had grown up in a post Christian era (certainly, most were born in the “quaint” time when abortion was illegal and marriage was the default option if there was a crisis pregnancy).  Crisis intervention alone is sometimes effective in keeping such clients from jumping off a cliff (i.e. not choosing an abortion), but they are still left with broken limbs and severely damaged internal organs, like broken hearts and souls.  Life change and healing are necessary. Our centers have sometimes become “revolving doors,” where clients come back time and again for pregnancy tests.  Providing on-going support, education, and healing is becoming a priority in our movement, and new programs are being introduced in an effort to provide healing and restoration so clients can actually regain their sexual integrity.

The Prevention Vision

Abstinence education, like post abortion healing, also had its beginnings in pregnancy centers, since we had to develop a counseling approach when the client had a negative test, a more common result than the positive test.  In the 1980’s, as we witness more and more clients with multiple sexual partners and sexually transmitted diseases, it became clear that we needed to move the abstinence message outside the counseling room, and especially into the schools, to counter Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex education messages.  All over the country, entrepreneurial center volunteers who had a heart for prevention began to give classroom presentations and inspirational assemblies.  Abstinence curricula and speakers began to proliferate and many centers started abstinence education programs in schools and in the community and consider “prevention” a major part of their mission.

A boon came in the early ‘80’s when a small amount of federal dollars was appropriated through Title XX in the Department of Health and Human Services to develop national “model prevention programs” based on abstinence.  During the current Bush administration, federal funding has grown dramatically for abstinence until marriage education through Title V, the welfare reform bill, and SPRANS grants (Special Programs of Regional and National Significance).  As a result, tax-funded abstinence education programs, including at least 40 based within pregnancy centers, have expanded dramatically and reached more and more schools and communities (and teen pregnancy and sexual activity rates have declined!). Federal funding for programs that do not “prostelitize” has helped participating centers “grow up” quickly and develop stronger infrastructures.   Some centers, on the other hand, have refused all federal funding, either because they are afraid of “strings” or because they believe it will weaken testimony that the church, not the government (in the form of tax supported programs), was ultimately responsible for turning the tide on abortion and sexual promiscuity.

So, pregnancy centers have also been pioneers in the abstinence field. Many centers now have a prevention program that is equal to or even greater in scope and funding than their crisis intervention program, and some of the best national abstinence education programs have their roots in our centers. 

The Marriage Vision

We have not ignored the growing evidence, placed before our eyes in the person of our client, that the deterioration of marriage in our culture over the past 30 years has led to a dangerous situation for single mothers and their children.  The statistics are overwhelmingly convincing that children raised with both biological (or adoptive) parents do best in terms of economics, education, physical and mental health, and many other factors related to security and happiness.  Children do the least well in all of these measures when raised by single mothers.While we have always upheld the value of adoption and marriage, many of our centers fell, through the years, into complacency about promoting them, being happy, at least, that a client chose not to abort her baby. The result is that few of our clients choose marriage or adoption.  A recent study by Family Research Council, Adoption: The Missing Piece, has challenged pregnancy centers to examine our attitudes and programs (where only about 1-2% of clients choose infant adoption, about the same as in the general population) and make needed changes so that we can make adoption a core value in our centers.  We are just now starting to examine how we can encourage our clients to consider marriage.  For many of them, raised in an era in which divorce is rampant and co-habitation is common, marriage is a foreign concept. At least, many centers are experimenting with programs and materials to get the fathers committed to being involved during the pregnancy and after the baby is born.  We are taking “baby steps” at this point in our history, but we are committed to trying to help turn the tide back toward marriage (or adoption) and more security for children.  

The Future Vision

So, where is the alternatives to abortion movement now? What have we learned in the past 30 years, and where should we be headed in the future?

We have grown tremendously in terms of numbers and kinds of centers, of professionalism, of breadth and depth of programs (prevention, intervention, healing).  But, in a sense, that’s the bad news. Our growth has been only partly in response to attacks from our opposition and bigger vision from within.  It has mainly been due to the increasingly devastating effects of abortion (and related sexual mores) in our culture, as more and more wounded and scarred women (men and children) seek us out for help and we respond to the needs.  The entire pro-life movement has been unsuccessful in winning the war against abortion on demand, and we are seeing more and more casualties in our pregnancy centers.

The service arm has almost always considered itself “separate,” but we must find ways to work with the other arms of our movement (political, legislative, educational, research, etc.); if each branch continues to function independently, without a unified strategy, we will continue to win some skirmishes, but the war will continue and the carnage will grow.  To do this means, at least, giving up issues of pride or ownership for the “greater good.”

We should remain diverse, entrepreneurial, and, therefore, creative.  We have constantly reinvented ourselves as we perceived and responded to the challenges.  Centers in the future may be anywhere on the continuums of woman centered, baby centered, medical centered, healing centered, prevention centered, evangelization centered, and family centered. But we must guard our developing unity and be more passionate than ever about our life-affirming missions. Pregnancy center affiliating organizations need to work even more closely together, for example, sharing statistics and research, and bringing all centers under one or more “umbrella” so that we can stay “on the cutting edge” and to protect ourselves from outside efforts to close us down.

But unity, worldly wisdom, and professionalism will not, in and of themselves, protect us. We need to pray for the continuing protection of God upon our work. We must acknowledge that we are fundamentally Christian (although some centers describe themselves as “non-denominational and non-sectarian” and sometimes think of that as “secular”). We must acknowledge that we are being used mightily, at the beginning of this millennium, in the struggle of good vs. evil that has gone since sin entered the world.

Heartbeat International sees it as part of our mission to help pregnancy centers develop around the world, and we hope to export the Christian model and the model of unity within diversity.  I see forming around the world (especially in Africa and Eastern Europe) strong networks of service providers mirroring the kinds of organizations we have in our US network:  faith based, life-affirming resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and adoption agencies.  We must share resources even more generously with centers overseas and work with them to end abortion in their countries.  While abortions number about 1.2 million per year in the U.S., an estimated 55-60 million abortions occur annually worldwide.

Government funding is a blessing and a temptation.  We should learn how to benefit from new government funds that are becoming ever more available to faith-based organizations, but we must be careful to use them wisely, only for the social service and public school portions of our mission, so we can be free to truly minister and share the Gospel in other programs.  Let us not become like some of the early faith-based organizations that now cannot be distinguished from secular ones (like the Red Cross) or that have even become leaders in secularizing our culture (does anyone remember that Harvard University was founded by Christians?).

I see our movement beginning a “paradigm shift.”  Our prime service has been the free pregnancy test.  With home tests and now abortion by pill, some wonder if we may become irrelevant. But, we have constantly responded to challenges and we will continue.  Our medical clinics may transcend Planned Parenthood clinics to become centers for women’s true reproductive health.  To our STD testing, prenatal care, natural family planning, abuse recovery, and post abortion programs, we may begin to add other services such as pap smears and infertility treatment (thus adding to the healing programs needed as a result of the effects of STD’s and abortion), and even well-baby care. Medical services may combine with counseling and spiritual healing in certain centers, or we may have stronger networks of centers each having a specialized mission (some medical, some counseling, some support, some healing, some spiritual).

I see our centers as places that can retrain and re-envision the medical, counseling, and social services professions (maybe even churches!).  Professionals are working more closely than ever with us.  When their training clashes with what they see in the lives of our clients (e.g. in the effect of casual sex), there is often cognitive dissonance that leads to transformation.  More of what we know needs to influence academic coursework and professional continuing education programs.

What ties all of the diverse centers together in the alternatives to abortion movement is sexual integrity (whose absence is the root of abortion). God’s plan is that sexual relationship, unconditional love, marriage between man and woman, children, and God to all go together.  If we try to remove one of these from the equation we have almost all the modern social ills (abortion, but also rampant divorce, co-habitation, fatherlessness, gay sub-culture, STD’s, loveless marriages, promiscuity, child abuse, and more).  Sexual integrity is what all pregnancy centers are all about:  prevention (so sexual integrity is protected and valued), intervention (when crisis occurs because sexual integrity is not being lived out), and healing and restoration (so sexual integrity can be restored).  If and when the right to life is restored to the unborn (and our elderly and sick are protected), our centers will still need to exist to help re-teach and restore value of sexual integrity.

Download a printer-friendly version with citations.

[1]Heartbeat International, formerly Alternatives to Abortion International (AAI), has published an annual Directory of life-affirming service providers since 1971, to help those in need find services and to facilitate networking worldwide.The Directory is available from Heartbeat International, Columbus, OH, 1-888-550-7577, and on the web at

[1]Baptists for Life, Grand Rapids, MI; Birthright, Atlanta, GA; Care Net, Sterling, VA; Christian Life Resources, Milwaukee, WI; Heartbeat International, Columbus, OH; International Life Services, Los Angeles, CA; National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, Fredericksburg. VA; National Life Center, Woodbury, NJ; Sav-A-Life, Birmingham, AL; and North American Mission Board, Alternatives for Life, Alpharetta, GA.

[1]Birthright was founded by the late Louise Summerhill in Toronto, Canada.The Birthright USA central office is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

[1]AAI was founded in Toledo, Ohio, by the late John Hillabrand, M.D., an obstetrician/gynecologist, and Mrs. Lore Maier, an immigrant from Germany who had served as a court reporter at the Nuremburg Trials following World War II.Now called Heartbeat International, the central office is in Columbus, Ohio.

[1]Identifying pro-life as solely a “Catholic issue” was an early tactic of the pro-abortion effort. RCAR, Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, lobbied almost every major Protestant denomination to sign statements depicting abortion as sometimes necessary and even the “Christian” response to a woman with a difficult pregnancy.Most early speakers on abortion could be discredited with the rhetorical question, “You’re a Catholic, aren’t you?”

[1]For research on the decline of the family and marriage, with attendant social problems, see a variety of papers by The Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC, statistics on the rise of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, see studies by The Medical Institute, Austin, TX,

[1]A manual, written by Bob Pearson over 20 years ago, which promoted this baby-centered vision, is still quoted extensively by NARAL on its web-site to discredit pregnancy centers, even though most people in the movement have never even seen the manual.

[1]See “The Making of a Controversy: The History of the Conspiracy Against Pregnancy-Help Centers,” a Special Report (vol. Iii, no. 3) by Life Decisions International, Washington, DC.Also available on their web site

[1]Thomas Glessner, J.D. (chairman of the Board of the Seattle pregnancy center, victimized by the NARAL smear campaign of the 1980’s) founded and still leads NIFLA, which has also published newsletters detailing the court cases brought against pregnancy centers.

[1]NARAL published theChoice Action Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unmasking Fake Clinics, also outlined on their web,in December of 2000.The pregnancy center affiliating organizations responded quickly with their own guide,Serving Clients with Care and Integrity, to outline policies and procedures to help centers avoid attack.The guide also containsOur Commitment of Care, outlining our ethical policies relating to advertising and client services, adopted officially by nine of the ten affiliating organizations.(Birthright declined to sign because they do not participate in coalitions.)A copy ofOur Commitment of Careis available from any of the affiliating organizations.

[1]CAC was founded by a number of concerned Christians, including Dr. and Mrs. Harold O.J. Brown, Dr. C Everett Koop (later U.S. Surgeon General), with the encouragement of the late Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer.

[1]Alternatives to Abortion International changed its name to Heartbeat International in 1993 and now explicitly describes itself as a Christian association of service providers.

[1]Within the Catholic Church, there are a variety of diocesan post abortion programs, loosely called “Project Rachel.”This list is available in the web side of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, abortion programs that have their roots in pregnancy centers include those published and available from Care Net and Heartbeat International.National organizations that specialize in post abortion training and programs include Ramah International, Englewood, FL; PAM (Post Abortion Ministries), Memphis, TN; Rachel’s Vineyard, Bridgeport, PA; National Memorial for the Unborn, Chattanooga, TN; National Office of Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, Milwaukee, WI; and Hope Alive USA, Bella Vista, AR.

[1]The pioneer in “negative test counseling” is Sister Paula Vandegaer, one of the founders of AAI, now President of International Life Services.In the 1970’s, before we became fully aware of the proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, early pregnancy centers focused their approach on the emotional and spiritual damage caused by sexual relationships outside the marriage bond, a “heroic” stand given the strength of feminism at the time.Physical health became the major focus of negative test counseling during the 80’s, but we are returning to a more holistic approach focusing on “sexual integrity.”

[1]For example, Abstinence Clearinghouse, the only national organization that tracks and evaluates all abstinence until marriage programs (and also publishes a Directory of these programs and holds annual conferences for abstinence education providers) was founded in 1997 by Leslee Unruh, also founder of the pregnancy center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

[1]Heartbeat International is beginning this effort with a distance learning program through the Heartbeat Institute, designed to reach those “in the field,” as well as those in colleges and universities.


Option Line is open when centers are closed

consultantAs the phone center manager for Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett, Georgia, Lana Duffell has very little time to call her own.

Without the persistent effort put forth by Lana and her co-laborers, the call from a local woman or girl facing the desperate circumstance of an unexpected pregnancy might fall through the cracks, and cause her to choose abortion as the only option she can see at the moment.

So most days, Lana keeps her nose to the grindstone and her ear to the phone.

But when Lana and her staff decided to take time off during this Christmas season, she had no concerns about the calls and contacts that were sure to come in. Lana and her staff had full confidence that, even if they wouldn’t be there to answer the phone, Heartbeat International’s Option Line® would.

While Lana and her staff rested and reenergized for the coming year, the staff at Option Line routed a total of 39 calls and contacts to Pregnancy Resource Center, ensuring that not one woman seeking help fell through the cracks.

“Option Line has been there for us on a 24/7 basis, when we are in meetings and also when our phone lines are overwhelming,” Lana says. “With Option Line, we are at peace, knowing that our callers will get a live person who can offer them information about abortion alternatives or set an appointment so that we can do further counseling.

“Option Line answers our calls when we are not available, making the difference between losing a life and saving it.”

Since it opened shop in 2003, Option Line has answered the call more than 1.5 million times, in addition to 2.5 million unique visitors to its website,

That translates to a staggering amount of birthdays, which otherwise would never have been. For now, we’ll celebrate just one: Happy 10th Birthday, Option Line!

Happy Birthday

Option Line's First 10 Years of 24/7

Since answerering its first phone call in early 2003, Heartbeat International's Option Line® has responded to over 1.5 million calls, text messages, emails and instant chats from women and familes facing unexpected pregnancies. Option Line staff are available 24/7, 365 days per year to answer callers' questions and connect them to pregnancy help organizations within their local communities, utlizing Heartbeat's Worldwide Directory of Pregnancy Help.

In their own words... 


"I worked at Option Line for five years, and during that time, I watched it grow to become a premiere resource for women and men in pregnancy crisis. It was a great pleasure for me to work for an organization that believed in the strength and courage of women."

~April, Heartbeat International Ministry Services Specialist, former Option Line employee


"I love being a part of Option Line, and I feel honored to be in a position to reach so many young girls, women, and men from all over the world. I truly enjoy talking with callers and being able to help and support them by showing Jesus' love. Hearing that I've helped someone makes my day!"

~Julie, Option Line employee for 4 years


 "Working at Option Line is an adventure! The job is never the same one day to the next, and knowing that what we do here reaches people in more than 100 countries every month never stops amazing me. Sometimes the calls are funny, and sometimes they're heart-breaking, but my favorite kind of call is when we hear back from someone who wants to tell us about their new baby and thank us for being there when they needed help."

~Bri, Director of Option Line Operations, Option Line employee for 10 years

  "Being a part of Option Line has been life-changing for me. After each shift, I feel a sense of purpose. There are always callers that I connect with, where I know the Holy Spirit is working through me. It is very humbling when the caller says 'Thank you,' or 'You have helped me so much.'"

~Chris, Option Line employee for 3 years

The result

Listen to the positive impact Option Line has:

Baby Safe

babysafe.orgIn Fishhoek, South Africa, "Marc and Veronica" hold their newly adopted baby girl and praise God that, after six long years of waiting, He has answered their prayers.

Cradling their daughter, "Jenna", in their arms at the site where she was left by her birth mother, the beaming parents know firsthand the value of the work Baby Safe International is doing.

For Marc and Veronica, the thought of Jenna’s probable fate without Baby Safe’s life-saving innovation is unimaginable. At just a day old, Jenna would likely have been a victim of infanticide—infant exposure—had it not been for the availability of Baby Safe’s deposit box, which empowers desperate mothers with a real choice to preserve the life of their baby.

In South Africa, “baby dumping,” as it is called, is an increasingly common occurrence in both rural and urban areas. Some babies are found in plastic bags in rubbish heaps, others in storm drains, abandoned fields, ditches, alleys, or even in rural homemade toilets.

Some of these children are found, thankfully, alive, while others are found dead—upwards of 500 in the Western Cape of South Africa in 2010 alone—and still more are never found. This sad fact tells us that baby dumping is, by its very nature, widely unreported.

Baby Safe, a nonprofit Heartbeat International affiliate, specifically targets this injustice in its region, just outside of Cape Town, by producing and distributing “baby safes,” where mothers can leave their babies anonymously as a real alternative to the horror of infanticide.

The box has a variety of safety features to insure that proper care will be given to the baby who is left by his or her mother. When a baby’s weight is detected inside the safe, a team of dedicated staff are immediately notified, while a safety backup system assures the baby will be promptly rescued by Baby Safe volunteers.

Through the production and distribution of these boxes, Baby Safe is carefully building a network that enables desperate mothers to choose life for their babies. This network is spreading throughout South Africa, and has broken through the northeastern border to Swaziland.

While its visible efforts are focused on providing an alternative to infanticide for desperate mothers, Baby Safe’s long-term vision is to connect with at-risk women before they reach the point of dumping their babies, with holistic direction that includes Bible studies, parenting classes, nutrition education, and even exercise and dance classes.

To learn more about Baby Safe, and to find out how you can help, visit

Abortion Recovery

If you have a heart for the ministry of abortion recovery, then you share the Lord’s desire to see women and men healed and restored from an abortion experience.

Abortion creates trauma. Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is the condition occurring in both men and women after the abortion experience due to unresolved psychological and spiritual issues. PAS is actually a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a commonly recognized condition that often follows traumatizing events such as witnessing an act of violence or experiencing a natural disaster. Patterns of long-term emotional disorder include: depression, grief, anxiety, helplessness, despair, sorrow, lowered self-esteem, distrust, hostility, dependency on alcohol/chemicals/food/work, guilt, sexuality problems, self-condemnation, weeping, emptiness, distrust, frustration, insomnia, nightmares, dysfunctional relationships, flashbacks, anger, fear of rejection, bitterness, un-forgiveness, fear of commitment, and the inability to form close relationships.

Theresa Burke, PhD, founder of Rachel's Vineyard and co-author with David Reardon of Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion says the following:

"Post-abortion healing is a specialty unto itself. The average psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or counselor of any other academic stripe who does not understand post-abortion issues can often inflict more harm than good on the unsuspecting woman. Many may believe they have enough insight to help, but unless they have had additional training, they often don't. Certainly, if your thoughts and feelings become so overwhelming that you feel you can no longer cope, seek professional assistance immediately. But generally, I encourage you to take the time to find one of the growing numbers of professional therapists and experienced lay counselors who have received special training in post-abortion healing."

Abortion Recovery helps individuals overcome the emotional trauma and spiritual issues experienced after an abortion. Workshops and programs are usually free and are available through local pregnancy help centers, churches and national organizations. Abortion recovery programs should address the following to help participants heal from an abortion experience; grief, guilt, anger, depression, fear, un-forgiveness, shame and defense mechanisms. Teaching on the love, mercy and grace of God should also be included so that healthy reconciliation can occur.

If you desire to start a workshop or group, you can be very effective in serving as a facilitator with the appropriate training and preparation.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind if you decide to start an abortion recovery program.

  • Understand the regret of abortion touches people deeply – emotionally and spiritually.
  • Choose yourself to participate in an abortion recovery program to receive and/or confirm healing for any past abortion regret.
  • Commit to be non-judgmental.
  • Be able to facilitate participants’ movement towards goals while recognizing that person’s healing process involves their own commitment to the process.
  • Have a desire to serve and minister to others (not looking for recognition or for fulfillment of personal needs).
  • Be able to create a healthy balance between caring for the group members and limitsof responsibility for someone else’s actions.
  • Be eager to learn and to realize that everyone is at a different place on their emotional and spiritual journey.

Recommended Heartbeat Resources

  • H.E.A.R.T. (Healing the Effects of Abortion Related Trauma)
  • H.E.A.R.T. Leader's Guide

Here are more resources to help you get started:

If you’ve experienced an abortion or participated in the decision making process, you may be struggling. Click here for resources available to help.

Please contact ministry services for further assistance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pregnancy Help Centers

If you have a heart to open a pregnancy help center then you are among the many that have a desire to meet the need of women facing unexpected pregnancies. Many pregnancy centers exist today because of the vision that God placed in the heart of an individual like you.

Pregnancy help centers are non-profit organizations established by pro-life supporters that work to assist women who have an unexpected pregnancy. Most pregnancy centers are in the United States, however many have been established overseas. They’re usually affiliated with a pro-life Christian organization such as Heartbeat International. The pregnancy help centers provide pregnancy consultation, intervention and support; education and information on pregnancy adoption, abortion, sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs); services and referrals for ongoing needs. Some of the programs and services include medical services like ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and STI/STD testing.

5 Critical Questions to Answer First

  1. What is the specific need to address?
  2. What area and demographic needs to be served?
  3. Are any other organizations serving this need for this area/demographic?
  4. Is it possible to join or extend the work already existing?
  5. Can the community support this need?

We suggest checking Heartbeat’s Worldwide Directory or going to, enter your zip code to see if/what other organizations exist in your area and network with them as you pursue starting a ministry so as to not compete with funding resources in the area. Often times we find that a group may wish to open a center in an area where another center has been strategically planning and praying to open. You may actually be the answer to another ministries prayer. Many states have coalitions of pregnancy centers and will be a good reference for you as you start, and then as you grow your center.

Recommended Heartbeat Resources

  • A Vision for Your Organization
    • This resource will help guide you through the necessary steps as you start a non-profit organization. A Vision for Your Organization will help you translate your passion into a plan for a bright future - or update your current vision. We encourage you to purchase this manual which will answer many of the important questions you may have.
  • GOVERN Well
  • The LOVE Approach

Heartbeat International is here to assist you. Affiliation is complimentary the first year for brand new start up organizations.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of affiliating with Heartbeat International.

Job Registry

Welcome to Heartbeat International's Job Registry page. While you're here, don't forget to sign up for the latest news in the pro-life movement:

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Jobs are listed alphabetically by state below the Heartbeat International job listings. Dates at the end of each listing show the original post date for each position.
To submit notice of an open position, fill out this online form

United States | Canada | Global

United States

Heartbeat International - Columbus, Ohio

Staff Accountant

If you're a numbers person with advanced knowledge of accounting systems and a desire to work with a highly committed team, here's your opportunity to utilize your skills and interests to serve and promote a great cause – Life!

We are seeking a Staff Accountant who will assist with the full range of accounting operations for Heartbeat International which currently includes 14 departments and a 10mm budget.  All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values.   See complete listing here of duties here.  Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at

Major Gifts Officer

If your gifts lie in relationship-building and and you share our passion for the unborn and their mothers, we invite you to consider an opportunity to be part of our Mission Advancement team.  We are seeking a Major Gifts Officer to work cooperatively to cultivate, solicit, and steward our generous donors and new donor friends.  All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values.   See complete listing here of duties here.  Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Grants Assistant

If you have strong writing skills with the ability to inspire readers, here's your opportunity to utilize those gifts to serve and promote a great cause – Life!  We are seeking an experienced Grant Assistant to support the full range of activities to prepare, submit, and manage grant proposals. All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values.   See complete listing here of duties here.  Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NXL Programmer/Developer - Seeking a talented IT professional to grow our Next Level CMS Program

If your gifts lie in design, implementation and maintenance of a powerful software solution, and you share our passion for the unborn and their mothers, we invite you to consider an opportunity to be part of our Next Level team.

We are seeking a Programmer/Developer who will help us evolve our Next Level center management software to the next level.  All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values.   See complete listing here of duties here.  Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at

Medical Impact Office Assistant

If you have great people skills and administrative strengths plus a knack for working with databases, and share our passion for the unborn and their mothers, we invite you to consider an opportunity to be part of our Medical Impact team.

We are seeking an Office Assistant who will support the medical services arm of Heartbeat International.  This includes working as an extension of our Abortion Pill Rescue team as well as working with HBI collagues who support our affiliates that offer medical services.  All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values.   See complete listing of duties here.  Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rescue Hotline Team Consultant - Seeking dedicated healthcare professionals to serve in our ministry of life through support of women seeking reversal of chemical abortion

The Rescue Hotline Team Consultant is a function that is part of our Abortion Pill Rescue Program. The position is performed remotely. Consultants are engaged as contractors with Heartbeat International and are compensated for services performed at the rate of $100.00 per 8-hour shift.  In order to be considered for a role of Rescue Hotline Team Consultant, you must be available to cover a minimum of two 8-hour shifts per month.  Based on location (time zone), the shift options are as follows:  6am - 2pm or 2pm - 10pm PT; 7am - 3 pm or 3 pm - 11pm MT; 8am 4 pm or 4pm - 12am CST; 9am - 5 pm or 5 pm - 1 am EST. Extensive training is provided via Academy, Heartbeat International's online continuing education portal for those in the pregnancy help community, and successful completion of this training is a prerequisite for working as a Rescue Hotline Team Consultant.  All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values. See complete listing of the job duties here.  Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at

Abortion Pill Rescue Network Team Members

Join the Medical Network - If you are a physician, physician midwife, nurse practitioner or physician assistant and are interested in joining the Abortion Pill Rescue network and help women who want to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, please fill out this form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Join the Rescue Network - If you are a pregnancy help organization interested in joining the Abortion Pill Rescue network and help women who want to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, please fill out this form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Option Line English and Bilingual (Spanish) Consultants

If you're good on the phone, and you're proficient in English or Bilingual (Spanish), here's your opportunity to utilize those skills to serve and promote a great cause – Life!

Heartbeat's Option Line is a 24/7 pro-life hotline. Calls and electronic communication come primarily from women who are facing unplanned pregnancies or who are seeking help to address other highly personal lifestyle, pregnancy or abortion related concerns. Heartbeat's Option Line Program Consultants are responsible for responding to telephone, electronic communication, and instant messages received by Option Line, including communication in Spanish for Bilingual Consultants. All activities/functions of this position are to be consistent with and in support of Heartbeat's pro-life mission, vision, and Christian values. Columbus area applicants preferred. See complete listing here.

Please send resume and cover letter to Betsy Wetherby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic - San Clemente, California

Client Services Director

Manage all aspects of CS: training and supervision of volunteer client advocates, parenting coaches, receptionists; provide peer counseling when needed; oversee EWYL coordinator; manage client database, and community referrals. Work closely with mobile and medical clinic teams.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (10/22/19)


A Woman's Choice - Lakeland, Florida

US Sonographer/RDMS

A Woman’s Choice is in need of a part-time RDMS to serve in our pregnancy help clinic. Candidates must be committed, biblical Christians who are church members and hold a strong pro-life position. As a sonographer for AWC, you will provide limited, OB ultrasounds for our patients, according to the policies and procedures defined by our Medical Director. You may also assist the Nurse Manager in the completion of other clinic duties as needed. All of our clinic staff provide medical services and care to our patients, while also reinforcing the sanctity of life message of the ministry. Qualifications include: appropriate state and professional licensing; compassion and empathy for women in crisis; adherence to policies, procedures, and OSHA guidelines; strong interpersonal skills; and the ability to function well in a sometimes busy and fast-paced environment. Experience with limited obstetric ultrasound or in a pregnancy center is a plus. If interested or have any questions, please contact Rebecca Klein, Executive Director, at 863-683-2341. Please send résumés by email.

If interested or have any questions, please contact Rebecca Klein, Executive Director, at 863-683-2341. Please send résumés by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (10/29/19)


Community Pregnancy Clinic - Naples, Florida

VP Operations

This newly created position is the result of carefully planned, strategic growth recently experienced by Community Pregnancy Clinics (CPCI), Florida’s oldest, largest and leading provider of free, life-affirming medical services and compassionate care to abortion-vulnerable women. Founded in 1974 as one of the nation’s 13 original crisis pregnancy centers, CPCI serves more than 5,000 women each year and has so far saved over 15,000 babies from abortion. Please visit for history and mission.

From CPCI’s administrative offices in Naples, the VP-OPERATIONS will lead the entire organization's operations to ensure on a daily basis that CPCI is effectively achieving its mission to save babies from abortion by providing care, compassion and choices to women. As such, the successful candidate will be heavily involved with overall day-to-day operations of the clinics, including management of professional medical and administrative clinic staff, contractors and volunteers, as well as oversight of clinic policies and procedure and Human Resources.

The VP-OPERATIONS will directly report to the CEO. Key responsibilities include: management and leadership of CPCI operations; implementing and assessing clinic policies; financial oversight, planning, and maintaining financial stability; strategic assessment of the organization with recommendations to the board; creating operating budgets and managing the organization within projected budgets; executing a strategic direction which includes planning for growth; and ensuring the organization is effective in achieving its mission. A key challenge will be transitioning the organizational structure to accommodate the new leadership role of VP-OPERATIONS and then reconfiguring that structure to facilitate future growth.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (1/4/20)


Atlanta Morning Center (ATLMC) - Dunwoody, GA

OB Clinician/Provider as Medical Missionary

Seeking licensed CNM or WHNP, will consider FNP or other APRN with OB experience.

Must be willing and able to enter into collaborative agreement with OB/GYN serving remotely as Medical Director.

Would be primary clinician/provider in nonprofit safety net charitable clinic, ideally utilizing principles of midwifery model of care with low to mid risk prenatal patients, transferring to delivery partner at 32-36 weeks, then providing postpartum care for 6 -12 weeks. HROB. to be transferred to MFM. Onsite OB Sonographer with local radiology group reading scans and Medical Assistant or higher for drawing labs and running tests. ATLMC is not a PRC/PMC, but the next step in the Pro-Life Ecosystem. ATLMC exists to partner with the local church to provide prenatal through postpartum care to women in need, in the Name of Jesus.

Vision: That the Church lovingly serves those created in the image of God to ensure that neither pregnancy nor childbirth are a death sentence or detrimental to the health of babies and mothers, so they have the opportunity to experience abundant life.
First ATLMC Community Prenatal Clinic launching in Dunwoody, GA on 1/31/20 with additional locations to be added throughout Metro Atlanta in the future.

Currently PT Fridays only, but will eventually become FT with expansion.

Salary negotiable or serve via Georgia Volunteer Healthcare Program with sovereign immunity covering MedMal and earn annual CMEs through service. Could start immediately.

To request complete job description, apply and to send resume: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more info re. ATLMC: (1/16/20)

Clinical Assistant - Medical Missionary

Seeking licensed LPN or higher skilled at venipuncture.

Bilingual with proficiency in both English and Spanish highly desired.

Would report to Clinician/Provider working collaboratively under OB/GYN serving remotely as Medical Director.

Would provide basic administrative, clerical, clinical, and technical supportive services, including but not limited to basic patient care with routine procedures and tasks, (e.g. venipuncture, point of care testing, prepare and log blood, tissue and other laboratory specimens) and assist other healthcare professionals to promote smooth, effective and efficient clinical and office management in nonprofit charitable clinic, providing comprehensive prenatal through postpartum care.

ATLMC is not a PRC/PMC, but rather the next step in the Pro-Life Ecosystem. ATLMC exists to partner with the local church to provide prenatal through postpartum care to women in need, in the Name of Jesus.

Vision: That the Church lovingly serves those created in the image of God to ensure that neither pregnancy nor childbirth are a death sentence or detrimental to the health of babies and mothers, so they have the opportunity to experience abundant life.

First ATLMC Community Prenatal Clinic launching in Dunwoody, GA on 1/31/20 with additional locations to be added throughout Metro Atlanta in the future.

Currently PT Fridays only, but could eventually become FT with expansion.

Paid position or nurses may serve through Georgia Volunteer Healthcare Program with sovereign immunity covering MedMal and earn annual CMEs through service. Could start immediately.

To request complete job description, apply and to send resume: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more info re. ATLMC: (1/16/20)


A Place for Women in Waipio - Waipahu, Hawaii

Nurse Manager

The part-time position of Nurse Manager provides support and care to the patients and maintains professional standards of care. Under the general supervision of the Medical Director and Executive Director, the Nurse Manager is responsible for planning and performing direct and indirect nursing interventions. She is also responsible for a variety of other clinic functions: performing limited obstetric ultrasounds, supervising, organizing, planning, assessing and monitoring the medical services. Training will be provided.

Please email or call Stacey Jimenez for more information or to apply for the position. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 808-678-3991



Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers - Granite City, Illinois

Director of Development

Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers (Granite City, Illinois) is seeking a highly motivated self-starter with strong multi-tasking skills to fill the position of Director of Development. This full-time position is responsible for the execution of three major annual fundraising events, as well as direct mail appeals and ongoing donor relations. The ideal candidate will be highly organized with demonstrated excellence in written, oral and interpersonal communication skills. 

Education/Experience Required: 
• A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management or related field is required. 
• A minimum of 1 year of related fundraising or development experience is required. 
• Previous experience in events management strongly preferred. 

Mosaic PHC is a Christ-centered ministry with more than 30 years experience providing free and confidential pregnancy & sexual health services in the Metro-East. All employees must be in full agreement with Mosaic PHC’s Statements of Faith, Principles and Core Values.

A full job description and employment application is available on our website by clicking here. Applications must be submitted through our website for consideration. (6/13/19)

Volunteer Coordinator (Part-Time)

Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers (Granite City, IL) is seeking an organized and enthusiastic individual to fill the position of Volunteer Coordinator. This part-time position is responsible for the recruitment, recognition and retention of Mosaic PHC volunteers, as well as assisting with ongoing administrative tasks in the office. 

Education/Experience Required: 
• A Bachelor’s degree in communications, social services or a related field is required. 
• A minimum of 1 year of related social services or nonprofit experience is required.
• Previous experience in volunteer management preferred. 

Mosaic PHC is a Christ-centered ministry with more than 30 years experience providing free and confidential pregnancy & sexual health services in the Metro-East. All employees must be in full agreement with Mosaic PHC’s Statements of Faith, Principles and Core Values.

A full job description and employment application is available on our website by clicking here. Applications must be submitted through our website for consideration. (6/13/19)


1st Way Life Center - Johnsburg, Illinois


1st Way Life Center is a life-affirming pregnancy support service in Johnsburg and McHenry, IL.

We have a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) position available -- up to 20 hours per week.

Obstetric Sonography registration required.

Medical Clinic offering compassionate care to pregnant women in a non-judgmental environment.

We perform limited obstetrical Ultrasounds.

Other Services:
Pregnancy Testing
STD testing
Personalized Pregnancy Counseling

Friendly staff of Registered Nurses, Patient Services Manager, Nurse Manager and other support personnel.

Low stress clinical atmosphere: No weekends, nights, holidays or on-call.

Please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - ATTENTION JAN. If you have any questions, please email or call 815-385-2999 and ask for Jan. (12/20/19)


DeKalb Pregnancy Center - Auburn, Indiana

Nurse Manager

Small PRC looking for a part time nurse manager, up to 24 hours/wk. Prefer a nurse trained in limited ultrasounds but will provide training. The center provides free pregnancy testing, first trimester ultrasounds and STD testing for weomen. Nurse manager would be the only paid medical professional.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. 1/2/20)


Ruth Harbor Ministries - Des Moines, Iowa

Financial & Database Coordinator

We are seeking a part-time team member who will coordinate significant amounts of financial and database operations. The requested start date is February 24th and includes flexible office hours. Quickbooks and accounts receivable knowledge, budget management, and maintaining confidentiality are desired qualities.

Job hours: This is a part-time position, approximately 15 hours per week with extended hours before and after major fundraising events.

Starting date: Approximately Feb 24, 2020

Responsibilities: (specific areas owned by this position)

- Oversee all phases of Accounts Receivable, bank deposits & acknowledging contributions, entering information into QuickBooks and donor database and producing financial reports and analyses as required, year-end reporting, corresponding with donors regarding donations, pledges and collections, and general banking.
- Assist Executive Director with budget development, analysis, and strategic financial planning; pursue and implement improved methods of resource stewardship and streamlining work.
- Administer/oversee non-profit tax returns and audits.
- Update, manage, and protect database of constituent, staff, and client information.
- Provide information, research, and reports as needed by Executive Director and other staff members.
- Oversee and preserve records (for purposes of recall, audit & future analysis) through to disposal.
- Provide support in fundraising, event planning, and outreach.
- When working in the office, assist in general office management tasks including answering the phone, assisting incoming guests and potential residents, referring to and connecting with other staff members as required, and attend staff meetings.

A complete job description is available here.

To apply: Please submit your resume, a letter of interest and a brief summary of your faith journey to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (2/7/2020)


Rockville Women's Center - Rockville, Maryland

Patient Resource Coordinator (PT)

RWC is seeking someone who is a team player, customer service-oriented individual, with a heart to serve abortion-vulnerable women. The ideal candidate must be able to provide excellent and compassionate leadership and coordination of the various aspects of the patient process as they relate to RWC’s mission, methodology and core values.

Program Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. Completing and submitting a weekly status and client report to the Executive Director.
2. Supervising the volunteer staff of the Patient Resource department.
3. Ensuring quality control is maintained for optimal patient care.
4. Maintaining patient database.

For more information about this position please email LaToya Ormsby at You may also review our website,, to learn more about our mission, vision and core values. (11/8/19)


Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices - Boston, Massachusetts

Executive Director

Do you want to lead a dynamic, passionate team and drive growth for a mission-minded organization? Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices is a 503(c) non-profit organization that exists to empower women and men considering abortion to choose life for their child and life for themselves in Christ. BCPC is the only life-affirming pregnancy resource center in downtown Boston, serving a vibrant, diverse city as a faith-based organization that is non-denominational, non-political, and non-judgmental. BCPC currently is run by a team of six passionate staff members and operates with a $500k annual budget. The new Executive Director will drive the major strategic initiatives for the center: Establishing a partnership with a licensed physician on-site in order to provide free ultrasounds to our clients, providing comprehensive services to men, and implementing a new volunteer-based operating model.

The Executive Director (ED) is a full-time, exempt, permanent position, with a compensation package that is in-line with similar non-profits and includes health care benefits and vacation time. The ED has full strategic and operational responsibilities for BCPC’s staff, programs, development, and strategic initiatives. The ED has responsibility for the implementation of the policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors within the parameters of the pregnancy center’s budget. The ED is a strong leader that is the face and voice of BCPC in the city of Boston, and thinks strategically and creatively to grow the organization.

Click here for a complete job description. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (9/16/19)


Care Net Pregnancy Center Berkley - Berkley/Detroit, Michigan

Nurse Manager Detroit Satellite

The Nurse Manager has a heart to share Jesus Christ and helps guide patients in decision making. She oversees all medical patient services in our Detroit Satellite. Strong organizational and relational skills required with an ability to work well with an inner-city population. Will be trained to perform limited OB ultrasound, oversees volunteer nurses. Reports to Clinic Director RN. Part-time, hourly, job sharing possible. Send email to Laura Farrugia, Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request full job description. (12/13/19)

Client Services Assistant Detroit Satallite

Seeking part-time Client Services Assistant (CSA) in our Detroit satellite. Strong interpersonal/administrative skills are a must. Manages client scheduling, incoming calls, checking clients in, chaperone in ultrasound room, meets directly with clients for material assistance appointments. Reports to and assists the Detroit Center Director. Heart to share Jesus with others and agreement with Code of Christian Conduct and Statement of Faith is required.

Laura Farrugia, Executive Director,, contact for full job description. (12/13/19)


Pregnancy Resource Center - St. Cloud, Minnesota

Associate Executive Director

1) Be a born again believer in Jesus Christ, willing and able to share faith in Christ with others.
2) Be thoroughly pro-life in conscience and practice.
3) Maintain a consistent life affirming philosophy and would never refer or advise a woman to have an abortion. (When a situation arises where a woman’s life is at risk the clinic advocates taking measures to preserve her life, hoping that the woman and her child can both be saved)
4) Express full agreement with corporation’s Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.
5) Experience in leading/managing others in a business and/or ministry setting.
6) Sincere desire to reach out to abortion-vulnerable and abortion-minded women.
8) Have good organizational skills. 
9) Respects confidentiality.
10) Have a bachelor’s degree.
11) Experience with managing people.
12) Exhibit skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and written communication.
13) Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision.
14) Demonstrate a lifestyle consistent with PRC’s Statement of Faith and uphold PRC’s Statement of Principle.

Responsibilities: The main responsibilities of the Associate Executive Director fall into three categories: (1) The financial stability and growth of PRC including overseeing the fundraising/special events, (2) The day-to-day operations of PRC, (3) The management and supervision of all paid staff except the Executive Director.

Click here for a complete job description. Interested Candidates would send their cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (9/24/19)


Life Choices Pregnancy Care Center - Columbus, Mississippi

Executive Director

Life Choices Pregnancy Care Center, Inc. (“Life Choices”) is currently seeking a full-time Executive Director to provide Christ-centered leadership to a vibrant, growing, non-profit ministry. Under the authority of the organization’s Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be responsible for:

• Leading the overall mission, vision, and ministry of Life Choices
• Directing the day-to-day operations of the organization including management of programs
• Supervising, managing, and overseeing the development of staff members and volunteers
• Leading an active, engaging, and effective fundraising program
• Managing and aiding in programing, financial processes, client services, resource development, and risk management
• Representing the organization through public relations and partnerships
• Working alongside the Board, by attending all meetings and communicating directly and regularly with its President
• Attending necessary conferences and continuing education classes
• Implementing other duties as assigned

Some qualifications required are:

• Excellent oral and written communication skills to effectively communicate with board, staff, volunteers, clients, donors, churches, other organizations, government leaders, and the media through a variety of formats such as letters, policies, newsletters, public speaking, etc.
• Ability to solicit donations in an energetic, professional, and ethical manner
• Proficient organizing, management, problem solving, and program development skills
• Excellent office and computer skills to include the use of general office equipment & Microsoft Office software (required), and QuickBooks (preferred)
• A strong vision for leading a Christ-centered pregnancy ministry
• Preferred: Two years of experience in a pregnancy center ministry or non-profit management
• Preferred: Two years of experience in an administrative position with direct supervision of paid staff

If you feel called to lead this ministry forward and are interested in applying, please email inquiries to Lizanne Carlson, Chairman of the Search Committee, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please send a 1-page resume and cover letter. (1/30/2020)


Pregnancy Help, Inc. - New York, New York

Executive Director

Pregnancy resource center located in Manhattan, New York seeks an executive director to run all phases of the counselling operation. This includes counselling young women facing crisis pregnancy situations, day-to-day office management, increasing center usage, coordinating volunteers, and assisting with fund raising operation. Position requires college degree or equivalent, Spanish language fluency, a demonstrated commitment to pro-life, conversant in youth culture, and a love for NYC. Please reply with cover letter and resume.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (9/10/19)


Pregnancy Choices - Canton, Ohio

Church & Community Champion Coordinator

  • Plan annual Walk For Life working with support staff/volunteers
  • Assisted by Donor Development Director, develop Tier Two fundraising and community awareness programs (Baby Bottle Boomerang, Sanctity of Human Life Bulletin Inserts, Church Presentations, Community Education Fairs, etc.)
  • Meet with 4-6 pastors/week, striving to meet new church leadership
  • Meet with various church mission staff
  • Take part in staff meetings, and whenever possible retreats, events and other activities essential to the success of PC
  • Continually strive to correct and update data of local churches with necessary information
  • Present in Churches during baby bottle peak months
  • Coordinate other staff and volunteers to present in churches
  • Coordinate with staff for possible baby bottles drop off/pick-up
  • Keep meticulous notes and records of all church interactions
  • Reach out to new churches and deepen existing church relations

Send resume and cover letter to Suzanne Hann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply. (8/30/19)

Donor Development Director

  • A committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and maintains a strong commitment to an active life within a local church
  • Exhibits a strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life / sanctity of human life position and sexual purity. Agrees with and willingly upholds a commitment to the Commitment of Care and Competence, Core Values, Statement of Faith and policies of the organization
  • Have two years of experience as a key volunteer or employee in a non-profit 
  • Have experience raising financial support in a not-for-profit setting
  • Have three to five years of experience in an administrative position supervising paid staff in an efficient and professional setting
  • Have a minimum of three to five years of experience in marketing, fundraising and/or public relations. 
  • Be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship , encouragement and direction to staff and volunteers
  • Be capable of creating and implementing short and long term strategic fundraising plans and goals for the organization
  • Be a “self-starter” and capable of conducting the role of director of development with little direct supervision 
  • Develops the strategic annual fundraising operating plan, development activities and leads it’s overall implementation, utilizing the talents and abilities of the board of directors, other key volunteers and the Chief Executive Officer for the organization
  • Working in cooperation with the CEO, identify donor constituencies which require additional research, cultivation, solicitation, appreciation and stewardship.

Full time, Salary commensurate with experience!

Send resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply. (8/30/19)


Cornerstone Pregnancy Services - Elyria, Ohio

Patient Resource Director

Works with the Executive Director to ensure the mission of Cornerstone Pregnancy Services is achieved by providing medical services administrative and staff oversight, implementation of medical services policies and facilitation all medical services and health programs.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (12/24/19)

Corporate Administrative Assistant

Responsible for assisting the Executive Director with the fulfillment of the mission and vision of Cornerstone Pregnancy Services through executive functions, events administration, and donor management. Works with Directors of Finance and Communication and Donor Relations to accomplish marketing and development goals.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (12/24/19)


Pathway to Hope Pregnancy Care Center - Hamilton, Ohio

Development Director

Pathway to Hope has been serving our community since 1993 and recently and moved to our newly remodeled center located less than 40 yards from PP in Butler Co. The Director of Development will help us develop, plan and orchestrate all marketing, public relations, and fundraising programs that will encourage, maintain and increase philanthropic and community support to meet the short-term and long-term needs of Pathway to Hope. These activities shall be consistent with Pathway's prolife mission and vision and Christian core operational values and beliefs and shall reach individuals, corporations, foundations, as well as churches and related organizations.

Click here for a complete job description.

Contact Lori Haskell, 513-895-2229 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for more information or to apply. (8/26/19)


Palmetto Women's Center - Rock Hill, South Carolina

Ultrasound Nurse

The Nurse provides support and care to the clients of Palmetto Women’s Center (PWC) and maintains professional standards of care, following the ANA Code of Ethics.

Click here for a complete job description. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (8/31/19)


Choices Pregnancy Resource Center - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Staff APRN

The Staff APRN will manage STD testing and treatment and provide limited obstetrical ultrasounds in accordance with Choices Pregnancy Resource Center’s established policies and procedures. Additionally, duties of the position will include but are not limited to; providing the community with public health education and disease prevention services. This will be accomplished by providing education in various settings such as university health fairs, community centers, churches and sexual risk avoidance conferences; preparing and reviewing reports; acting as a liaison between medical providers and patients; linking clients to community resources and services; implementing new medical programs to the medical center as need arises.

Contact Michele Cheresnick at 423-805-3000 for more information or to apply. (11/12/19)


Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic - Fayetteville, Tennessee

Client Discipleship/SRAE Director

Objectives of the position: To address the spiritual needs Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic’s clients and to promote sexual integrity of the youth of the community, a Client Discipleship/Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) Director (a) will provide SRAE to the youth of its community; (b) will disciple women with unplanned pregnancies through support groups by adopting a program such as Embrace Grace; (c) will disciple single mothers through support groups by adopting a program such as Embrace Life; and (d) will provide additional discipleship programs as opportunities arise.

As an ambassador of Jesus Christ, the Client Discipleship/SRAE Director has the responsibility
A. For the overall development, implementation, and operation of Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic’s SRAE program. The program emphasizes a positive view of human sexuality and promotes risk avoidance through practicing sexual integrity, which includes monogamous marriage between one biological male and one biological female or sexual abstinence for singles. The director’s primary responsibilities include (1) providing and supervising the center’s educational programing in schools, churches, and organizations, and (2) modeling and providing student training directly to middle and high school youth.
B. For the execution of (1) Client Discipleship programs, and (2) recruiting, training, and managing all support volunteers for Client Discipleship programs.

Contact Amanda Curtis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (1/17/20)


LifeTalk Resource Center - Frisco, Texas

Nurse Manager

Position available for RN to work 20-25 hours per week. Must be willing to be trained in sonograms at Center's expense. Will sign a two year contract. Very friendly, warm Center with a family feel, that sees approximately 75 Clients/month. Please respond by email with your resume.

Click here for a complete job description. Please email your resume to Melissa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (10/24/19)


Options for Life - New Braunfels, Texas

Resource Center Manager

As an ambassador of Jesus Christ, the Resource Center Manager oversees the Resource Center operations and volunteers, Car Seat program, and implements other necessary Resource Center programs to meet client needs.

• Nurturing demeanor to encourage clients and help teach them life skills
• Be a Certified Car Seat Technician or willing to be certified to serve as one at the Center
• Have one year of experience in a helping profession serving in a dynamic position requiring initiative and self-motivation

This position is 31 hours per week, Monday through Thursday.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (1/9/20)

Development Manager

The Development Manager is an ambassador of Jesus Christ, who plans, implements, and coordinates community outreach and fundraising efforts, engaging the community with Options for Life in a variety of ways.

• Excellent communication skills including public speaking
• Ability to build and sustain community relationships
• Proficient in the use of social media for outreach
• Grant writing and fundraiser planning
• Previous experience with development preferred

This position is 31 hours per week, Monday through Thursday.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (1/9/20)


ThriVe Central VA Women's Healthcare - Charlottesville/Culpeper/Orange, Virginia

Assistant to Vice President of Gifts & Engagement

ThriVe is seeking someone to serve as the Assistant to the Vice President of Gifts & Engagement. This person will support the VP in the coordination & management of the ministry's donor database, fundraising & celebratory events, mailings, public relations, volunteers, & other administrative duties.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to apply. (1/27/20)

Lead Sonographer

ThriVe Central VA Women's Healthcare is a dynamic group of four women's health clinics/pregnancy resource centers in Central Virginia. We have been providing services in Central Virginia for over 35 years! We are searching for two Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (RDMS) for a 30-40 hour per week full time position. Would you consider joining our team?

Responsibilities will include providing limited OB ultrasound services, STI education/phlebotomy/sample processing (will train), performing patient histories and vital signs (will train) and working with patient advocate coordinators and volunteers.

Other skills needed include excellent communication skills with our patients and fellow staff, commitment to team work, attention to detail in form completion, basic computer skills, and flexibility.

Candidates need to agree with the ThriVe Statement of Faith and Statement of Principles.

Salary negotiable commensurate with experience. Benefits package provided.

Contact Karen D. Poehailos, MD Regional Medical Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Phone: 434-979-4516) for more information or to apply. (11/21/19)


Lady Care International - Chesapeake, Virginia


We are seeking a Director with a heart for Christ, and women across North Africa, the middle East and the Indian subcontinent. This person also needs pro life, administrative , fundraising and Board experience.
Lady Care is a local (Virginia) ministry with a worldwide outreach.

Over the years we have ministered to thousands of women and their families across Africa and India via short term mission trips. A ministry of Reconciliation based on 2 Cor. 5:18-20 we reconcile, equip and empower women by offering limited health care, crisis counsel (including un planned pregnancy, post abortion regret, abuse, PTSD and post trafficking) and teaching (including women's issues such as fertility, pregnancy and fetal development). Thank you for your interest.

Please see our new website for further information at

Contac This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information or to apply. (11/6/19)


Pregnancy Helpline and Resource Center of Janesville, Inc. - Janesville, Wisconsin

Executive Director

The Pregnancy Helpline and Resource Center of Janesville, Wisconsin, is actively seeking an Executive Director. The Pregnancy Helpline is a Christian pregnancy resource center supporting women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy. This is a part time position reporting to a board of directors. With a commitment to the pro-life mission of the agency, responsibilities include outreach to the Janesville community, ability to network and collaborate with other agencies, management of paid staff and volunteers, review and assessment of service demand and programming, implementation of policy development with a board of directors, involvement with local fundraising efforts, and the ability to communicate effectively orally and in written form.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by providing a resume including a brief statement describing what attracts you to this position, the reasons you feel you qualify, and professional references from three non-related individuals who know your professional work.

This information can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed to Helpline Resume, Pregnancy Helpline and Resource Center, P.O. Box 383, Janesville, WI 53547. (10/10/19)


No listings at this time.

South Korea

No listings at this time.

Executive Assistant


Pregnancy Help Institute

Save the Date! July 27 - July 31, 2020 | Columbus, Ohio

Pregnancy Help Institute

Not your Typical Ministry. Not your Typical Training.

As a front-line life-saver, the care you provide changes the world of each woman and child your center serves day in and day out.

These women and children depend upon you and your organization to faithfully and excellently live out your God-given call. That's why there's no substitute for the kind of training you'll receive at Pregnancy Help Institute by Heartbeat International.

Organized under four intensive tracks (LeadershipDevelopmentNew Director, and Ultrasound), Pregnancy Help Institute integrates executive-level instruction in a small-group environment, where you'll have the unparalleled opportunity to process information and strategies with experts and fellow front-line pregnancy help leaders.

At Heartbeat, we realize you've been to conferences before, but this is different.


We have expert facilitators working with you and a small, interactive group on one topic for a full week to make sure you grow in the way you need to most. Just see what some of our 2018 Pregnancy Help Institute graduates had to say about each of the tracks below.

There's simply no substitute for the work you do. And there's no substitute for Pregnancy Help Institute.


5 reasons you need to come to Pregnancy Help Institute

  1. It’s corporate training at non-profit cost.
    Businesses nationwide use Built to Lead to train CEOs, Presidents, and Boards in Leadership Training. We have partnered with these executive coaches to bring you business training at a price you can afford.
  2. It’s far more dynamic and personal than a conference.
    Conferences, specifically the big annual ones, are incredible. There are so many people to meet and so much to learn, but sometimes you need more personalized in-depth training. Pregnancy Help Institute is intentionally sized for an intimate learning environment. Pregnancy Help Institute provides individual interaction and personal feedback to help you grow in your role and increase your effectiveness.
  3. It’s vital to invest in yourself.
    "We must all learn to lead ourselves with excellence before we can lead a team towards excellence. In other words, we believe that excellence achieved individually will spread organizationally." - Built to Lead’s Belief
  4. A burst of training can take you a long way. 
    One week may seem like a long time to be away. But one week can literally revolutionize your personal leadership as well as grow your knowledge and understanding. Working with trainers and fellow participants over the extended time yields exponential return on your investment of time.
  5. There are no hidden fees.
    Our pricing allows for you to know all costs up front. Your training and most meals are included in your registration. We have even arranged for a discounted room block at the hotel. You just need to cover hotel and transportation costs and Heartbeat will take care of the rest.

Pregnancy Help Institute training qualifies toward the Life Affirming Specialist (LAS) designation.

The Leadership Track

The leadership track went beyond expectations. For the first time in a long time, I was challenged in the area of strategic thinking, and I learned a lot that I will carry with me through life as a ministry leader, mother, and wife. 

Woven throughout the Leadership track are concepts developed by Built to Lead. Built to Lead is an executive coaching program that has trained CEO’s, presidents, and ministry leaders nationwide.

The Development Track

Kirk Walden kept us engaged, welcomed discussion but kept us on track, and added a good dose of humor.

Advancing development through a more robust understanding of the nature and ministry of development is at the heart of this track. Anyone with responsibility for donor development and fundraising will benefit from this advanced training. Seasoned pregnancy help leaders provide a foundation and training that goes beyond elementary event planning.

This includes:

  • Donor dynamics.
  • Giving strategies.
  • Revenue evaluation.
  • Relationship building with prospective funders.

The New Director Track

I cannot imagine a more fitting training to kick off this new position. I left challenged, inspired, feeling connected to others in the movement. I am humbled and blessed.

If you have less than three years of experience in directing a life-affirming pregnancy center, medical clinic, maternity home, or nonprofit adoption agency, the New Director training is perfect for you. When you combine the wisdom gained from this training with your calling from the Lord, you are truly prepared to navigate effectively, avoid the pitfalls, and increase your effectiveness as a leader. Facilitated by Heartbeat International staff and consultants with years of experience in pregnancy help leadership, you'll be in good hands.

The Ultrasound Track

I love the teamwork that was displayed and the authentic care that was showed to the attendees. In the U/S training, I really appreciated learning things like seeing is believing, pray for the safety of the baby and "Ultrasound brings Light to the Truth." I appreciated the time that Tammy and Bryan took to hear our concerns and answer our questions.

Designed for the new or beginning nurse or sonographer as well as the nurse or sonographer who routinely performs first-trimester scans, this week-long training presented by Tammy Stearns, RDMS and Bryan Williams, RDMS will provide didactic sessions, daily scan labs, and image reviews to sharpen the skills of both the nurse and the RDMS in your pregnancy medical clinic.

This course will include looking at the integration of ultrasound imaging in PMCs, the "hows and whys" of ultrasound physics, identifying artifacts and how to improve images, how to obtain proper measurements, legal and ethical implications and techniques to minimize risk, essential quality analysis/control, and more! This course also meets the AWHONN guidelines for ultrasound training.

Heartbeat International will offer 15 Continuing Education Contact Hours for nurses. Heartbeat International is an approved provider through the California Board of Nursing, Provider Number 16061.

Meet the Instructors

Tammy Stearns, RDMS, RVT, RT(R), FSDMS, MS

Tammy serves as a full-time missionary with Project H.O.P.E. in Nicaragua serving women among the poorest of the poor. In addition to being the director of Women’s Ministry, Tammy does ultrasounds in the field and serves as an adjunct professor with Adventist University in Florida. She assisted in deploying the medical mobile unit at Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, Missouri and has served as an accredited ultrasound educator for much of her professional career.

Bryan Williams, MHA, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, RDCS

Bryan has worked in the field of medical imaging for 15 years. He is currently managing a large cardiovascular clinic with multiple providers and multiple non-invasive imaging departments. He lives in Ozark, MO with his wife and two daughters.

2019 Cost for Pregnancy Help Institute

  Early Bird: Register 
by June 22, 2019
Regular: Register 
by July 12, 2019
Late: Register 
after July 13, 2019

Heartbeat Affiliate

$989 $1,089 $1,189


$1,124 $1,224 $1,324

Cancellation Policy: Full refunds may be issued until 12:00 midnight EST June 22, 2019. A 50% refund is available from 12:01 AM EST June 22-July 12, 2019 12:00 midnight EST. No refunds will be issued past 12:01 AM EST July 13, 2019. Method of payment may require additional transaction fees. All refund requests must be submitted in writing to


Travel Information:

Airline Arrivals:
For those traveling by air, the airport code for Columbus, Ohio is CMH.

Airport Transportation:
You can catch a cab/taxi, Lyft or UBER upon your arrival to the Hilton Garden Inn hotel.

Hotel Information:
Please remember your Pregnancy Help Institute registration does not include your hotel accommodations so don’t delay in making your hotel reservation.

Hilton Garden Inn, 3232 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, OH 43202 – (614) 263-7200.

Book your room online now at: HiltonGardenInn-PH2019

Click the “Book A Room” button, type in arrival and departure dates, click “Continue” to select room type and complete your reservation. If calling, be certain to tell the reservations representative that you are part of the Heartbeat International group to receive our discounted Group Rate of just $111++/night for a Single King room. Use Group Code: PH2019. Your reservation also includes a made-to-order breakfast each morning.

The hotel has plenty of parking at no additional charge.

**Transportation to training offices: Heartbeat will provide daily transportation back and forth from the Hilton Garden Inn to our Heartbeat training facility.**

Institute Schedule At-A-Glance:

Monday,  - Please use this as your travel day.

  • 5:00 p.m. AT the Heartbeat Offices located at 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd., Ste. 2277, Columbus, OH 43220
    Registration and Opening Program starts with a welcome, opening orientation and dinner.

Tuesday – Thursday will include all day sessions (typically 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)
**Please note: Wednesday evening, 7/31 is a “free evening” so your day ends at 5:00 p.m.**


  • 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Please plan to depart Columbus no earlier than 2:30 p.m. We strongly encourage you not to miss the morning session, so please plan your departing flight accordingly.

Additional Information:

Weather and Attire:
Dress for the Institute will be business casual and comfortable. Although our meeting rooms are air conditioned, consider bringing a sweater/jacket during sessions. Temperatures in Columbus during this week will probably be around 85 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night. We also encourage you to bring your Bible.

Cancellation Policy:
Full refunds may be issued until 12:00 midnight EST June 21, 2019. A 50% refund is available from 12:01 AM EST June 22-July 12, 2019 12:00 midnight EST. No refunds will be issued past 12:01 AM EST July 13, 2019. Method of payment may require additional transaction fees. All refund requests must be submitted in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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