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Abortion Pill Reversal 101

California's Attorney General has sued Heartbeat to prevent us from advertising Abortion Pill Reversal. If you feel so called, you can stand with us as we continue to push back against pro-abortion lies against the good work of pregnancy help. We know this will be a long battle, and we also have faith in the victory!

It is believed that upwards of 80% of all abortions in the U.S. occur through chemical abortion, the abortion pill. 

The abortion pill comes in two parts and is approved by the FDA for use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. The first chemical, mifepristone (or RU-486), is the first pill used in a chemical abortion and blocks the effects of progesterone, a hormone necessary for a pregnancy to thrive. The second part, misoprostol, expels the baby. 

Many women regret their abortions—and some choose to reverse the effects of chemical abortion drugs before taking the second drug, often saving their baby’s life. If a woman has regrets after taking the first pill, the pregnancy may be saved by the Abortion Pill Rescue Network.

  • There is a window between the first and second chemical abortion drug where the effects can be reversed, and the baby can be saved.
  • Chemical abortion is typically done up to 10 weeks gestation, when an unborn baby has a heartbeat, fingers and toes, and his unique fingerprints begin to form.
  • Abortion Pill Reversal uses the natural hormone progesterone to counteract the life-ending effects of chemical abortion drugs.
  • Data suggests that Abortion Pill Reversal has saved over 4,500 unborn lives and has a 64-68% success rate.
  • Women should have the choice to reconsider going through with an abortion.
  • Women deserve real healthcare.

How does Abortion Pill Reversal work?

Progesterone is a natural hormone needed to sustain pregnancy and has been used for decades to safely and effectively prevent miscarriage and forestall preterm labor. Abortion pill reversal displaces mifepristone (the first drug in a chemical abortion) from progesterone receptors using the natural progesterone hormone, counteracting the effects of mifepristone and allowing the baby to continue growing. For women who have begun abortion pill reversal, progesterone treatment is continued through the end of the first trimester at a minimum, and beyond that if needed.

What are the side effects of Abortion Pill Reversal?

Progesterone is a natural hormone necessary for sustaining a pregnancy. For some women, progesterone may cause minor side effects including sleepiness, dizziness, and headaches.

Chemical abortion side effects include bleeding, life-threatening infections, and the inability to have future successful pregnancies and may require emergency medical treatment, surgeries, blood transfusions, and hysterectomies. The FDA’s currently approved label for mifepristone also states that between 2.9-4.6% of women will end up in an emergency room. Additionally, women who take the drugs at home face the mental anguish of performing their own abortion. Many women report being surprised by the sheer volume of bleeding and are haunted by the image of the dead child. In fact, some abortionists advise women not to look at all at the aborted baby. Additionally, the FDA and abortion activists are pushing for chemical abortion by mail, only increasing the danger to women, as there is no in-person doctor’s visit and no ultrasound confirming how developed the baby is or if the pregnancy is ectopic.

Why should doctors be able to use abortion pill reversal when it’s not approved by the FDA?

Progesterone is a natural hormone needed to sustain pregnancy and has been used for decades to safely and effectively prevent miscarriage and forestall preterm labor. Doctors may prescribe abortion pill reversal as part of an off-label use of the treatment. Pregnant women shouldn’t be denied treatment to save their unborn child just because they took the first abortion drug but changed their mind.

Healthy Outcomes

The protocol used in the Abortion Pill Reversal process is nothing new. In fact, progesterone has been used routinely and safely with pregnancy since the 1950s.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

A 2018 peer-reviewed study showed positive results

  • 64%-68% of the pregnancies were saved through Abortion Pill Reversal
  • There was no increase in birth defects
  • Lower preterm delivery rate than the general population

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Consider Joining the Abortion Pill Rescue Network!

Picture1 APRN Picture2 APRN

Christian was rescued from a chemical abortion in 2016.

What should a woman do if she starts a chemical abortion and has regrets?

A woman who would like to learn more about reversing the effects of chemical abortion and possibly continuing her pregnancy should call the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) hotline at 877-558-0333 or go to the APR website to begin a live chat. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network™ (APRN) has nurses waiting to answer questions, explain reversal, and connect her with an APR provider in her area.

How does a medical professional enroll in the Abortion Pill Rescue Network?

Healthcare professionals with prescribing privileges can go to our provider website, click Join Our Medical Network, and specify that you would like to "provide progesterone treatment.” After receiving the information, we will confirm eligibility and add the medical provider and/or clinic to the APR Provider list. This list is used by our nurses when a client in your area requests a reversal.

We will also send you the APR Kit, which includes a program description, protocol, and documents used throughout the reversal process as well as several research articles.

How do Pregnancy Help Organizations enroll in the Abortion Pill Rescue Network?

A Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic (PHMC) offering APR services provides progesterone by dispensing onsite or through a prescription, confirming the viability and dating of the pregnancy with ultrasound, and the prescribing physician sees the patient (either at the center or in his/her office), ideally within 72 hours.

The other option for centers is to become a "consulting" center. These centers educate and refer for APR and offer free ultrasounds. They seek funding for clients in their community who cannot pay for the progesterone prescription or appointment. And they offer pregnancy and community support for women who have attempted reversal. This is the link to enroll as an APR provider or consulting center.

For more information about APRN, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Picture3 APRN

APRN Medical Director, Dr. Brent Boles, and APRN Advisory Team: Dr. Matt Harrison, Dr. George Delgado, Dr. William Lile, Dr. Julie McDonald, Dr. Karen Poehailos and Dr. Catherine Stark.

But where is He?

by Ashley Vance, RN, BSN, LAS, Heartbeat International Healthcare Team Manager

The saints will throw their crowns at His feet. The angels cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy!” Every knee will bow and tongue will confess.

He sits on the most glorious throne reigning over a kingdom so magnificent the streets are gold, and our human mind can’t even begin to comprehend it.

He is the ultimate power, love, truth, and righteousness.

But where is He?

He is everywhere, and He is with every single woman regretting her abortion. Imagine seeing all of them. From the beginning of time until the very last. Every single life lost from around this fallen world—He knows them by name.

He brought them into existence, lovingly knit them together, and cares so much for every single one.

He is with the woman in the bathroom desperately trying to throw up the pill, the one searching the internet from the parking lot of the abortion clinic, and the one who can’t sleep at night heartbroken over what she’s done.

He leads them, He guides them, He gives them eyes to see and ears to hear. He shows them love, mercy, and He guides them to APRN. The rescue, the hope, the second chance, and the network that loves them too!

Sowing Life

by Jonathan Clemens, ThM, PA-CSowingLife

We should all be familiar with the parable of the sower. It appears in all three synoptic Gospels in substantially the same form. Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8 all have the same soils in the same order. It’s often mistaught in churches, so much so that most people think it is a parable about how to be good soil. That is a culturally nonsensical interpretation: farmers didn’t change soil in the 1st century, they made do with what was there.

As modern Americans, we look on the parable of the sower through the lens of modern scientific agriculture that reshapes the earth to conform to our farming methods, and a lens of discipleship that makes spiritual growth substantially our personal responsibility. The sower does nothing modern: he simply scatters seed, without any attempt to control where it lands. Our modern efficiency cringes to think that seed actually landed on the packed earth of a walking path: after all, couldn’t the yield per seed be increased by focusing only on the good soil?

And that is Jesus’s actual point: rather than attempting to control the casting of the seed — the Word — we are to treat it as a limitless resource, spreading it far and wide, because the less-than-universal occasions when it sinks deeply into good soil are worth every single failed evangelism effort. Every single brief conversion and quick relapse, every single heart harder than the path, every single entangled “it’s complicated” life: all the failures are eclipsed by the joy of all-too-rare abundant success.

Let's relate this to abortion pill reversal. As a prescribing practitioner, I talk to or text with any number of women, dozens so far. The parallel to the soils is frustrating. Some do not have rides to a pharmacy. Others request a prescription and change their minds. Others have neither insurance coverage nor money to pay for the progesterone. One had a rare medical condition that might have been exacerbated by progesterone, and so she politely declined to proceed. If you’re keeping score, the 64 to 68% success rate seems great, but in reality, there are plenty of things that keep women from accessing abortion pill reversal even when they have taken the initiative to call the hotline.

In speaking with another Abortion Pill Rescue Network prescriber in my state, he lamented that so few women actually picked up the prescriptions he called in. He has a point: many women desire reversal but do not follow through. They have their own tragedies to deal with, and I wish each of them had the support and access and resources to never feel the need to abort their unborn child in the first place.

So we scatter seeds. Nurses answer the phone, knowing that many of the moms who call will not proceed with reversal. I talk to the moms sent to me, again knowing that many will not follow through. Even with timely progesterone, sometimes it doesn’t work. Had it been too long since the poisoning of the abortion pill? Was the baby too young? We hypothesize factors leading to successful reversal, but certainty eludes us.

Likewise, we don’t know the impact of the lives saved; by the time these children who lived have their impact on the world, many of us will have long since retired or died. What we do know is that every life is valuable because all are made in the image of God.

He who knit each of us together inside our mothers’ wombs is faithful and true. He does not tire, nor should we who offer life to the unborn and a second chance at choice to their mothers.

And so, we continue to scatter seeds praying that the next lands in good soil, giving us a chance to help a new life thrive.

Katelynn's Abortion Pill Reversal Story

Watch as Katelynn shares her reversal success story.


We found out we were pregnant on Christmas day. At first we were really excited! It was the most amazing Christmas gift we could ever have. At the same time, it was really scary because we have other kids we needed to care for. I had lost my job and my husband was struggling with his business. I just couldn’t see how we could possibly feed and care for another child.

My husband said he would support me whatever my decision and my decision was that I needed to abort this baby. I talked to Planned Parenthood - they seemed so knowledgeable and I thought I just needed to push through and get it done quickly; that would be the easiest way. That was a big mistake.

I took the first pill. All that night, I was awake. I knew in my heart that what I had done was just wrong. “Is it too late? Can I do something else?” I Googled what to do if you want to reverse an abortion and that is when Heartbeat International came up.

While I waited for my appointment the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network helped schedule for me, I was just praying that there was still a Heartbeat... and there was!

Aubrey Lynn was born August 24 weighing 8 pounds and one ounce that included 10 sweet fingers and 10 cute little toes! We know she is going to have a great future. She has parents who love her. God sent her to us and I think she is going to do amazing things!

Interested in helping more women like Katelynn? Visit hbi.life/socialgive to give today.