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Rescued from death, baptized in beauty

One of the most beautiful things about the pro-life movement is its unity. When people come together and pool resources to see a common goal accomplished, the gospel of LIFE is spread throughout the earth.

That’s exactly what took place during Heartbeat International’s Annual Conference last March.

We have the honor of hosting pregnancy help movement leaders from all around the world at Conferences every year, and the chance for those international life-savers to receive training and get equipped can be life-changing. This year, we encouraged our U.S. pregnancy help organizations to bring any foreign coins they may have to our Conference, to be distributed among those outside of the U.S.

We were overwhelmed with the response! We received a multitude of foreign coins that we were able divide up and distribute among our international partners.

Our friends from Centro de Ayuda para la Mujer (CAM) came all the way from Mexico to attend our Conference. We were blessed to be able to give CAM the pesos that we received, knowing that they would be put to good use. And we were right!

The CAM network saves lives from abortion all over Mexico and across Latin America. As it turned out, those donated pesos were spent on baptism robes and gifts for the children who have been saved from abortion by their ministry. It is a thing of beauty to see lives rescued from death now baptized in beautiful garments because of the unity and generosity of the pregnancy help movement.

Thank you for partnering with us as we work to advance the pregnancy help movement worldwide!