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Heartbeat Team

Executive Team

Heartbeat's staff is led by Jor-El Godsey, our second president, preceded only by current Board Chair Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D. Jor-El previously served as Vice President under Peggy from 2006 to 2015.

Board Chairman - Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D.

President - Jor-El Godsey LAS

Vice President of Mission Advancement - Cindi Boston LAS

Vice President of Ministry Services - Tracie Shellhouse, MCLC, LAS

Vice President of Communications and Marketing - Andrea Trudden

Controller - Tony Gruber

General Counsel - Danielle White, Esq.

Paralegal - Karen Hartman

Executive Assistant - Lora Current

Ministry Services

The Ministry Services department envisions, encourages, and equips Christian leaders in pregnancy center related ministries to effectively impact their communities for life.

Director of Medical Impact - Christa Brown, BSN, RN

Director of Academy - Dawn Lunsford, LAS

Director of Affiliate Services - Beth Diemert, LAS

Program Coordinator - Terri Fox

Grant Program Specialist - Sara Littlefield, LAS

Affiliate Grant Specialist - Julie Stepp

U.S. Affiliation Coordinator - Alaina Wood

Conference & Events Coordinator - Molly Hoepfner, LAS

International Program Specialist - Ellen Foell, Esq.

Housing Specialist - Valerie Humes

Office Assistant - Christine Grimmett

Office Assistant - Summer Spencer

Healthcare Team Manager - Teresa Tholany BSN, RN, CMSRN, LAS

Healthcare Team Manager - Brooke Myrick BSN, RN, LAS

Healthcare Team Manager - Ashley Vance, RN, BSN, LAS

Healthcare Team Manager - Lisa Searle BSN, RN, LAS

Medical Impact Office Assistant - Maria Beigel

Medical Impact Office Assistant - Darcy Noltemeyer

Ministry Support

The Ministry Support Department focuses the efforts of operations and development to support the ministry mission and vision of Heartbeat International to Reach, Rescue and Renew Communities for Life.

Bookkeeper - Lisa Dyas

Human Resources Manager - Betsy Wetherby

Staff Accountant - Kinley Nichols

Ministry Solutions

The Ministry Solutions department provides networking, software, and web solutions to pregnancy help organizations looking for high-tech ways to Reach, Rescue and Renew Communities for Life.

Director of OptionLine - Nafisa Kennedy

Option Line Operations Assistant - Mardie Laughlin

Option Line Operations Assistant - Tearr Graddic

Option Line Operations Assistant - Petra Wallenmeyer

Manager, Extend Web Services - Lauren Bell

Designer/Developer, Extend Web Services - Timothy Stephens

Sales and Customer Service Specialist, Extend Web Services - Jennifer Breymaier

Social Media Specialist, Extend Web Services - Brooklyn Warren

Sales and Customer Service Specialist, Next Level CMS - Margie Mayes

Sales and Customer Service Specialist, Next Level CMS - Khristey Reeves

Developer - Greg Angle

Mission Advancement

The Mission Advancement department promotes Heartbeat International to Christian communities and educates the general public on what they can do to help make abortion unthinkable worldwide.

Manager, Mission Advancement - Terri Barnhart

Mission Advancement Advisor - Virginia Cline

Mission Advancement Advisor - Leanna Baumer

Mission Advancement Officer - Ashley Dewart

Mission Advancement Officer - Joanna James

Mission Advancement Officer - Ash Monk

Grants Coordinator - Frances Lacson

Grants Assistant - Katherine Weibel

Executive Assistant - Melissa Olenik

Data Analyst - Bethany Jasper

Mission Advancement Specialist - Mary Woods

Data Entry/Donor Specialist -

Communications & Marketing

Media Specialist - Jackie Hayes

Editor/Writer - Jennifer Wright

Marketing Specialist - Jessica Warner

Managing Editor of Pregnancy Help News - Lisa Bourne

We are at your service. If you need anything, please contact us.

Heartbeat International is governed by a Board of Directors representing all areas of the U.S., and various professions and ministries. Click here to learn more.

Heartbeat also has a Medical Advisory Council with experts to consult on medical issues. Our work with sister organizations around the globe leverages life-affirming expertise from all over the world. 

In addition, Heartbeat has independent consultants who provide training and consultation to affiliates around the world.

Public Impact Coordinator
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