The Most Important Relationship: Board Members and the Executive Director

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This training encourages you to explore the various nuances of the vital working relationship between the Executive Director of the pregnancy center and the Board Members, including:

  •          Why this relationship is so important.
  •          What common problems or challenges can be expected.
  •          How it can be improved.
  •          What results might be expected when it's running smoothly.

About the Presenter:

Julie Parton earned her Ph.D. in Christian counseling from Andrew Jackson University in Birmingham, Ala., and a Master’s in counseling from the University of North Texas. She has founded and directed a local pregnancy center, plus has served on the Board of both a local center and that of Heartbeat International -- so she has seen this situation from both perspectives. Julie was previously Director of the Pregnancy Resource Ministry for Focus on the Family and now serves as an Adjunct Professor at Dallas Baptist University.