A Better Future Sexual Risk Avoidance

Product Code: SI-F MP3

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Through this presentation, nurses, social workers, educators and other trained professionals will be empowered to consult with adolescent patients/clients one-on-one towards Optimal Sexual Health. Consequences of adolescent sexual behaviors will be presented as barriers to optimal health. The Transtheoretical Model for Behavior Change will be introduced as an assessment tool and the nursing process will be applied to the consulting format. 

Marilyn Henderson, BSN, RN, SRAS

Marilyn serves as the director of the Science Department at Medical Institute for Sexual Health. She is responsible for overseeing the production and updating of MI’s medically accurate products. Marilyn comes from a nursing background in women’s health, as a certified nurse specialist in Infertility/Endocrinology and a certified sonographer in Ob/Gyn. She has been conducting Building Family Connections trainings, as well as Clinical Intervention trainings for Medical Institute, since 2014.