A Pro-Life Approach to Treating Infertility

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In this course nurses/attendees will learn how to performa a step-by-step flow-chart for a complete medical approach clinical to an infertile couple. They moreover will learn informations about the indications of in-vitro reproductive techniques (RTs), their real results and the health risks for the mother, for the embryos and for the baby after birth, and about the results of a different clinical approach, including gynecological and andrological evaluation of the causes of infertility, with the aim to treat them and obtain a natural conception, without the use of RTs. 

Giuseppe Grande, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Giuseppe Grande is medical doctor, endocrinologist. Ph.D. in "Sciences of nutrition, metabolism, aging and gender diseases". 2nd level master in "Sciences of reproduction". Post-graduate training in bioethics, andrology and reproduction.  He is author of 25 scientific papers published in indexed, peer-reviewed journals.  Medical doctor at the Infertility Clinic of the "International Scientific Institute "Paul VI" of Rome.  Secretary General of Italian Movimento per la Vita (MPV)