The Safety and Efficacy of Doppler at the PMC

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In this course, participants will learn about safety measurements as it pertains to the use of doppler while performing limited obstetric ultrasounds in a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic. We will discuss the safety indices that will help end user gauge the power that is absorbed by the preborn baby. Participants will get an overview of worst-case scenarios in each scanning mode, and visualize the monitoring of eah scan. Participants will also learn about establishing safety protocols and procedures, as well as a recommended Consent for Scanning. Participants will get an opportunity to hear and review related literature regarding the safety of doppler. And get an opportunity to review reallive clinic scans showing both doppler, M-Mode, B-mode with measurement of MI and TI Values. 

Roxanne Lamorgese, AHSE, BSN, RN, CEN, FNE/SANE

Roxanne Lamorgese is a forensic Charge nurse and medical manager for the Crisis Pregnancy Clinic of SoCal. Dan Steiner, president of Pre-Born has 27 years of PMC operational experience and has run the largest PMC in America in terms of women tested.