The Right Ultrasound System for You

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In this course attendees will learn about the various types of ultrasound systems available in the marketplace. Attendees will be able to correlate the different types of ultrasound units to fit into what is best for their facility and those that will be scanning with the ultrasound equipment. The course will also explain the long-term cost associated with different types of ultrasound units and how that plays a role in the decision about what type of ultrasound system to purchase. 

Hobie Sears, BSEET

Hobie Sears is an ultrasound industry veteran with more than 28 years of experience in service, sales and training in the ultrasound field. Working in the multi-vendor ultrasound community means that he works with many brands of ultrasound systems not just a single brand, this gives him broad insight into the entire market. He is a champion of the ultrasound modality and works with numerous Pregnancy Centers in his area. Hobie is married to a Sonographer, Cami, and they have 3 children.