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Glean from seasoned servants in the National Maternity Housing Coalition and learn what you need to start or improve a maternity home of your own. New in 2017, Maternity Housing Essentials includes sample policies and procedures that were developed from a variety of housing leaders all over the U.S


Our Passion to Serve
Our Commitment of Care and Competence 
National Maternity Housing Coalition Affirmations for Participation 
Heartbeat International
National Maternity Housing Coalition 
The Manual
History of Maternity Homes
Language and Terminology
The Maternity Housing Community 
Key Factors That Differentiate Maternity Housing Programs 
Standards of Practice
Stages of Development: Maternity Housing Programs 
Standards of Practice for Maternity Housing Organizations 
Heartbeat International Resources List 

Chapter 1
Key Moments with the Mothers
Why do women come to maternity homes?
Recruiting and Marketing
Setting the Stage for Decisions: Intake and Admission 
Acceptance/Disqualifying Criteria and Scope of Practice 
Early Indications of Potential Issues 
Orienting Mothers to the Programs
Basic Structures
Regular Meetings with Moms
Baby Showers
The Birthing Experience
Crisis Moments
Exiting Mothers from the Program 
Post-Residential Programs
Sample Intake Form
Sample House Schedules

Chapter 2
Developing the Program
Motivating Behavior
Trauma Informed Care/Resiliency 
Role of Structure
Program Development
Potential Systems and Policies
Safety & Health Concerns
Record Keeping/Charting
Adverse Childhood Experiences: Definitions 
Adverse Childhood Experiences: Outcomes 
Building a Logic Model for Maternity Homes
What’s Your ACE Score?
Sample Phase Structure
Sample Color Level System
Sample Long Term Phase Structure 
Sample Level Structure

Chapter 3
The Staff
The LOVE Approach
Love as an Exercise of Authority
Characteristics of Effective Maternity Housing Staff 
Staffing Models
Maternity Housing Roles
Preparing for a Good Hire
Orientation and Ongoing Training 
Staff Supervision and Formal Evaluation 
Communication of Key Information 
Staff Enrichment
Separation Practices
Legal Issues
Determining the Type of Staff Needed 
Distinguishing the Exemption Status of Employees 
Crafting Benefits Packages for Live-In Positions 
Other Labor Laws
Sample Volunteer Info Sheet
Sample Volunteer Form for Group Activities 
Sample Volunteer Handbook
Maternity Home Staffing Models 
Sample Organization Charts
Sample Grievance Policy
Sample Triggers for Sharing Information 
Mary’s Mantle Sample Job Descriptions 
House of His Creation Sample Job Descriptions 
Ruth Harbor Sample Job Descriptions 

Chapter 4
Policy & Procedure
Protecting Religious Foundations 
Policies and Procedures
Difference Between Policy and Procedure 
Counseling and Social Work Standards/Liability Concerns
Staffing Issues
Resident Handbook Policies
Neighborhood Relations
Pregnancy Tests, Pregnancy Verification, and Confirmation 
Drug Screening Tests
Other Organizational Policies
Sample Material Items Release
Sample Transportation Waiver Staff Member/Volunteer 
Sample Verification of Driver’s Liability Insurance 
Sample Child Abuse Reporting Policy 
Sample Benefits of Residence
Sample Adoption Agency Disclaimer 
Sample Media Consent and Release Form 
Sample Clothing, Furniture, Equipment Release from Liability 
Sample Policies Regarding Reporting Requirements 
Sample Confidentiality Policy
Sample Ethical Standards Policy

Chapter 5
For Start-Ups
Organizational Life Cycles
Community Needs Assessment
Mission Clarification & Programmatic Consideration
Authority Structures
Thinking about Non-Profit Status 
Incorporating as a Legal Entity: Articles of Incorporation 
Boards and Professional Counsel
Hiring Staff
Engaging with Other Programs
Property Considerations
The Role of the Founder(s)