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In-Depth Training Day Information

We are very excited about the conference format this year. We are changing things up a bit!

On Tuesday, you will have an opportunity to choose from one of the 7 PEG Talk Deeper Dives and 11 Roundtable Discussions for a hands-on interactive session on a very focused topic, led by experts in their field.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you have the option to choose either to attend a variety of workshops offered both on Wednesday and Thursday (3 each day) OR you can register to attend In-Depth Trainings. This allows for a wide variety of both topics and experiences to be allotted for within the 2020 Annual Conference. 

To best prepare, we ask that those who are interested in attending an In-Depth Training to register ⁠— Wednesday, Thursday, or both! ⁠— so we can ensure that we will have the necessary materials on hand for you. Space is limited! (Attendees planning to attend the workshop tracks do not need to register ahead of time.) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available throughout the conference.

Wednesday's In-Depth Trainings:

  1. Implementing STD/STI Testing In Your Center - Karolyn Schrage
  2. The Importance of Abortion Recovery for Women, Men, and Families - ARC
  3. How to Effectively Reach the Abortion-Minded Caller - Brad Imler
  4. Teaching Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) to Empower the Next Generation - Mary Anne Mosack
    This workshop will increase an understanding of the developing adolescent in the context of sexual risk avoidance (SRA) education. Participants will be able to identify the crucial psychosocial needs of the developing adolescent and will be able to recognize research-based theories that support the needs of adolescent development in the context of SRA education.
  5. Ultrasound (Basic): Beyond What the Eye Can See - Tammy & Bryan
    We are given a short moment in time in order to help our client garner the information she needs to make such an important decision. In order to make the most of the time that we have been given, we must be able to image and explain the images in such a way that she and her support system in the room, if present, will be able to clearly see and identify with the images that we are gathering. They are
    not just different shades of gray but rather the first photograph of her baby.
  6. Producing Effective Consultants through the LOVE Approach - Sara Littlefield
  7. Maternity Homes: Fixing Staffing Issues - National Maternity Housing Coalition
  8. The ABCs of APRN - Christa Brown

Thursday's In-Depth Trainings:

  1. The Case for Life: Pro-Life Apologetics 101 - Mike Spencer
    Come and learn how to speak intelligently and graciously to the issue of abortion and to answer tough objections from opponents without the use of vitriol. Become a pro-life ambassador and engage the conversation of abortion with confidence and skill. 
  2. Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking in Your Centers - Cindy Collins & Dr. Laura
  3. Giving God your Worst - Dinah Monahan 
  4. ???Trauma Informed???"
  5. Ultrasound: Beyond the Basics - Tammy & Bryan
  6. Legal Essentials/HR: What You Need to Know to Run a Pregnancy Center - Danielle White & Betsy Wetherby
  7. Getting the best ROI from Your Fundraising Efforts - Kirk Walden
  8. Your Online Presence for Clients - Bri Laycock