Join Us in Dallas, TX in January for the LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical!


I am now experiencing a greater level of confidence and comfort during the scans which is a huge win!  The training gave me the final push!  Thank you all for so much help, like I said, you guys are the, “A team”!!! - LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical student 2021

The LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical is scheduled for January 25-27, 2022 in Dallas, TX. Since you are actively involved at your pregnancy help medical clinic, we wanted to be certain your medical team was invited!

This Clinical includes 28 hours of didactic training (28 CEUs) and 20 hours of clinical training (10 CEUs) for each participant. 


The Clinical is held in two parts:

  1. Students complete an online ultrasound training* through Heartbeat International’s Academy which meets the Association of Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) guidelines for didactic training.
  2. Students come on-site to complete an in-person scan lab experience which provides the environment needed to complete the required scans on women.

By combining the technical, the practical, and the spiritual elements into one pregnancy help medical training, nurses will leave fully equipped, qualified, and ready to scan within their center.


*Please note, if you have not already, you will be asked to complete Heartbeat's Online Ultrasound Didactic Training as a prerequisite to the LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical)  This training is designed solely for participants who are a Nurse Practitioner, RDMS, or Nurse who have completed Heartbeat's Online Ultrasound Didactic Training and have begun the hands-on portion of training (recommended 25 training scans completed prior to attending).


At this ultrasound clinical you will:

  • Complete 50+ Scanning Drills
  • Scan pregnant models of all gestations
  • Discover the support of other nurses and RDMS
  • Master the unique Love Approach Method of imaging the preborn babies
  • Obtain competency scanning pathology typically encountered in Limited Obstetric Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Experience the first simulation training offered in the Pregnancy Help movement
  • Transvaginal instruction on simulation models
  • Mastering of skills by scanning a simulated ectopic pregnancy
  • Acquire knowledge of scanning with Image Reviews and Case Studies
  • Become competent and confident as you learn in a spiritually focused instructional approach
  • Gain understanding of how to introduce a mom to her baby for the very first time
  • Be offered a Skills Evaluations if you are completing your training
  • Experience a supportive team who will continually reinforce your calling to pregnancy help

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