360 Center Assessment

360 Center Assessment"Our organization was seen with new eyes and the discoveries were extremely valuable."

This 360º Center Assessment is Heartbeat International’s endeavor to bring a fresh yet seasoned perspective to the efforts of your life-affirming organization. Heartbeat involves several staff members in a penetrating look into the various fundamental, formational, and future-oriented aspects that shape the ministry and its outcomes.

Though this is not an exhaustive review, it is an extensive one that looks in-depth at the core areas:

  • Financial
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • Leadership/Organization/Staff
  • Fundraising
  • Legal

"On a scale of 1-10, the 360 Assessment ranked 10++. The results of this process exceeded way beyond our hopes."

Our team spends many hours, in advance of a two-day on-site visit, reviewing documents, analyzing various points of data, gathering additional information, and preparing specific questions for the on-site evaluation. All of our observations, commendations, and recommendations are compiled into a report presented to the governing leadership (board and ED/CEO).

"The assessment is amazing. You found things that we would have continued to miss."

Perhaps the strongest identifier of a good organization is good leadership. Leaders are learners. Good leaders constantly seek to improve. The 360° Center Assessment is designed with this in mind.

"The Heartbeat representatives had great insights, a world of knowledge and a tender heart in presenting their findings."

The cost for this assessment for Heartbeat affiliates is $1,500 plus the expenses for at least two consultants to come on-site. (For very large multi-site/multi-program organizations, additional consultant(s) may be needed to complete the effort with a two-day visit.) Non-affiliates cost is $1,800, plus expenses.