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Thank You United States Senator Joe Manchin for Standing Against Taxpayer Funding for Abortion


Senator Joe Manchin stood as the sole Democrat and the deciding vote to save the Hyde amendment in the federal budget that was passed late Tuesday, August 10. The Hyde Amendment stops taxpayer funding of abortion through Medicaid and has been a key target of the pro-abortion movement ever since President Biden took office.

As history shows us, when government subsidizes a service or product, the use of that service goes up, and it is no different with abortion.

This courageous stand by Senator Manchin ensures that abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, won’t profit further off underprivileged women who already feel that abortion is their only option. Instead of coercing women into abortion through federal funding, we should work to ensure that every woman receives love and support during an unexpected pregnancy.

Pregnancy help organizations provide this compassionate support and real options to women in need.

We thank Senator Manchin for standing with the 58% of Americans who oppose using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion.

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