Ohio Board of Nursing Response

"The Nurse Practice Act does not provide a list of procedures that may or may not be performed by licensed nurses.  The scope of practice for a licensed practical nurse is located in Section 4723.01(F), ORC. A licensed practical nurse with the necessary knowledge, skill, and competency, under the direction of a registered nurse or a physician, is not prohibited from performing limited obstetrical ultrasounds.  The regulations pertaining to licensed nurses performing nursing tasks beyond basic nursing preparation are located in Chapter 4723-4, OAC.  A licensed nurse providing care beyond basic preparation for a licensed practical nurse must obtain education from a recognized body of knowledge relative to the nursing care to be provided, demonstrate knowledge, skills, and ability to performthe care, maintain documentation satisfactory to the Board of meeting the requirements to provide the care, and have a specific valid order or direction, from an individual who is authorized to practice in this state and is acting within the course of the individual's professional practice.”

“The Nurse Practice Act and the administrative rules adopted thereunder are available for review on the Board's website: www.nursing.ohio.gov in the "law and rule" section.”