Board Management

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A Vision for your Organization

The long-term success of your life-saving endeavor depends on a clearly defined vision!


Catholics and Evangelicals / Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Join Heartbeat President Jor-El Godsey as he shares key insights into the value and potential challenges uniting Catholic and Evangelicals in your organization by having a truly ecumenical leadership team and staff. 


Governing Essentials

Governing Essentials™ (2nd Edition, formerly called "Govern Well") helps new and seasoned board members move your center to the next level of effectiveness by connecting — or reconnecting — with effective qualities in six key areas: Goals, Ownership, Values, Effect, Regulate, and Nurture.



Legal Essentials

Legal Essentials will help you, your board, and your staff gain a panoramic understanding of the legal issues important to your ministry.


Maximizing Your Use of The Pregnancy Help Salary Survey


The Pregnancy Help Organization Salary Survey helps you compare your compensation plan for key employees to other, similar organizations. In this free webinar, Heartbeat President Jor-El Godsey and Vice President Tracie Shellhouse will explain how this information can be used within your center to evaluate appropriate salary ranges within your unique organization.


Salary Survey

This resource is provided free of charge to organizations that participate in the Salary Survey. If you participated in the 2023 Survey and do not have your copy in your email, please reach out to


Six Keys to a Great PHC

1 hr recorded webinar.



The Most Important Relationship: Board Members and the Executive Director

This one hour recorded webinar is available on demand from Heartbeat Academy.