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Start the Presses: What's a Press Release and How do I Write It

A call comes in—It’s a local reporter, and she wants to know if your center gives out birth control. No? Well, don’t you receive funding through the state? Why should you be receiving a dime from the city council when you won’t even refer for abortions?

Questions like these can feel intimidating, but there’s a situation you should dread even more: radio silence. Good press relations is both proactive and reactive, and a well-written press release is an essential component to building credibility in your community to expand your reach to the woman near you who needs it most. Consider these questions and more—including who should be answering questions at your organization in the first place—with Heartbeat International’s former Director of Communications Jay Hobbs.


The Big 5 of Google Ads

Recorded webinar available on demand through Heartbeat Academy


The Power of Media to Capture Stories

Photography and media can be used for clients as well as staff to give a clear picture of your Pregnancy Help Organization and tell stories that inspire. Join us for valuable tips and tricks on everything from using a cellphone camera to professional lighting that will help you capture and tell client stories that inspire the community you serve as well as your supporters. - Presented by Laurie Hughes


Two Keys to an Effective Pregnancy Help Website

This 1 hour recorded webinar will introduce you to some basics about designing an effective website.


Your Center's Tithe: Expanding Pro-Life Missions

Check out this one hour recorded webinar from Heartbeat Academy!