My Baby and Me


Developed by Loving & Caring, My Baby and Me is a series of workbooks designed for counselors to use with pregnant girls as they work through important decisions in their lives.


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A Place To Call Home

This book looks at the practical aspects of parenting and allows your client to explore different living arrangements and make the best plan for her and her baby. 


Basic Decision Making

Examines the birthmother’s life, helps her look at her values, and presents her with a tool to evaluate the pros and cons of all her options. 


Looking at Adoption

Introduces birthmothers to adoption.


Looking At Parenting

For a birthmother who is considering whether she is ready to become a single parent.


My Baby and Me Sampler Package

Need a sample to see which resources are right for you? Get one of each resource from the My Baby and Me series. 


The Me I See for Guys

This booklet enables counselors to get to know the birthfather and to identify areas of concern in order to facilitate future counseling.


The Me I See Leader's Guide

Leader's guide to accompany The Me I See.


What About Adoption

Includes over 40 questions that your client may want to explore as she makes her adoption plan.