90 Years Young and Full of LIFE!

by Jennifer Minor, Editor/WriterBettyStrack
Heartbeat International

Here at Heartbeat International, we’ve got amazing supporters. Some are people we’ve never met, but some are in the office with us every week. Betty Strack is one of those who joins us every week as a volunteer.

Betty turned 90 years old this July, and she’s been volunteering with Heartbeat consistently for 8 years. After her husband passed in October of 2011, her daughter, who works as a medical specialist for Heartbeat, invited her to start volunteering in December. She never looked back.

“Everybody’s friendly. Everybody’s nice. They’re all wonderful people to work with and for!” Betty says. Perhaps that’s the reason she comes back week after week doing a little of everything, but most often stuffing envelopes. “One time there was an overload and I worked until after 4! I’ve done it twice, and don’t care to do it again.” Fortunately, she usually only sticks around from about 10 am to 3 pm on Thursdays.

We love having Betty around at parties and picnics as a volunteer, and she invited the entire office to her 90th birthday party. Ultimately, we figure we’re the lucky ones at Heartbeat to have Betty. She disagrees though.

“I enjoy it. I enjoy being here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep coming back!”