A WiLD Heartbeat Experience

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— Session Begins May 12, 2021 —

An exclusive opportunity to U.S. Heartbeat affiliates in good standing, Heartbeat International is partnering with WiLD Leaders to provide this professional training for pregnancy help leaders to advance their leadership skills. Working with WiLD Leaders, Heartbeat affiliates can delve deep to grow as individuals and lead intentionally. 

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What is WiLD? 

WHOLE + iNTENTIONAL LEADER DEVELOPMENT (WiLD) is about seeing leaders as whole people, never shying away from the mistakes that create opportunities to learn, and intentionally crossing the superficial boundaries between our work as leaders in our families, workplaces, and communities. Leaders don’t always feel whole because they live so close to their insecurities and mistakes. Seeing leaders as whole people is not about erasing their past, minimizing their mistakes, or blindly elevating their successes, but about seeing and learning from it all. This is the focus of every tool, coaching conversation, and learning opportunity we offer – walking the line between resourcing and the heart, progress and process, and success and failure. Heartbeat has invested significantly into the development of existing and emerging leaders and this initiative serves as a next step to equip leaders in the movement who need intentional development to support and stretch them.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined the WiLD Experience but WOW, the time was more than I could have even imagined!" - Carol L., a Pregnancy Help Director after going through the WiLD process.

The WiLD Toolkit: Leader Development Program + Research Insights

The WiLD Toolkit is a research-based online process built around 10 sequential developmental tools and personalized feedback reports. Unlike processes that oversimplify leadership into platitudes and one-dimensional categories of personality, skills, or behaviors, the WiLD Toolkit scaffolds the real and critical conversations regarding a leader’s experiences, successes and failures, learning, skills, purpose, conviction, character, and their investment in the learning of others.

Leader Development Program
This exclusive program for the Heartbeat community is built as a 10-week virtual course where participants can join from any geographic region. Each week, affiliates will:

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  1. Take an assessment tool in the WiLD Toolkit
  2. Join an expert-led web session for insights and peer discussions on the assessments
  3. Set goals in the WiLD Toolkit and share them with cohort members for accountability

The 10-Week Program - Starting January 27, 2021 
(Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT)

  • Session 1: WiLD Kickoff Session – WiLD Tool: The WiLD Profile
  • Session 2: Calling & Purpose – WiLD Tool: Calling & Purpose Inventory
  • Session 3: Motivation & Goals – WiLD Tool: Purposeful Goals Assessment
  • Session 4: Leading Under Pressure – WiLD Tool: Leading Under Pressure Inventory
  • Session 5: Transformational Experiences – WiLD Tool: Transformational Experience Audit
  • Session 6: Leadership Competence – WiLD Tool: Skills & Knowledge Inventory
  • Session 7: Motivation & Learning – WiLD Tool: Motivation & Learning Inventory
  • Session 8: Developing Others – WiLD Tool: People Investment Plan
  • Session 9: Strategic Support – WiLD Tool: Strategic Networking Audit & Guide
  • Session 10: WiLD Development Plan – WiLD Tool: The WiLD Plan


For Heartbeat-affiliated leaders, this exclusive leadership program will include 10 sessions as well as access to the WiLD Toolkit for a year for $299. Leaders who meet attendance requirements and complete all assessments will be eligible for 14 hours of credit toward their Life-Affirming Specialist Designation.

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Cancellation Policy: Full refunds may be issued until 12:00 midnight EST January 20, 2021. A 50% refund is available from 12:01 AM EST January 20-January 24, 2021 11:59  EST. No refunds will be issued past 12:00 AM EST January 25, 2021. Method of payment may require additional transaction fees imposed by the credit card company. All cancellations will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee (per registration canceled) regardless of the situation. Should Heartbeat cancel the event for any reason, all monies minus a transaction fee will be returned automatically. If you do not cancel and do not attend the event, you are responsible for the full payment. Payments may not be applied toward future training or conferences. All refund requests must be submitted in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Expert Team

rob mckenna

Dr. Rob McKenna, CEO
Named one of the top 30 I-O Psychologists alive today, Dr. McKenna is passionate about developing leaders and about transforming the way we see the people in our organizations. As he will tell you, we have the tools at our fingertips to invest in our people in ways that are meaningful to them and will get the results we need. Thirty years of research has taught us much how people learn and grow on the job. We have what it takes to create rich learning environments for the people we lead, and all we have to do is begin to act on what we know.

Dr. McKenna brings a combination of approachability, authenticity, expert knowledge, and humor to his talks. Whether you are interested in character development, dealing with conflict, creating engaging learning cultures, or developing the next generation of leaders, his approach of getting real about what’s going on in your life and work brings people alongside him in a way that inspires change. The models he uses in his talks are based on decades of research on leadership, team functioning, organizational health, and individual development.

He is the founder of WiLD Leaders, Inc. and creator of the WiLD Toolkit, a whole and intentional leader development process and set of tools that one leader described as “A whole approach that blurs the line between who we are as ‘workers’ and ‘human beings.” He is also the Chair of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. His research and coaching with thousands of leaders across corporate, not-for-profit and university settings has given him insight into the real and gritty experience of leaders. His clients have included the Boeing Company, Microsoft, Heineken, Foster Farms, the United Way, Alaska Airlines and Children’s Hospital. He is the author of numerous articles and chapters on leadership character, calling, effectiveness, and leadership under pressure. His latest book, Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure, focuses the specific strategies leaders can use to stay true to themselves and connected to others when it matters most.

daniel hallakDr. Daniel Hallak, CCO
Nothing gets Dr. Daniel Hallak more excited than the opportunity to build authentic relationships and intentionally develop leaders. As the Chief Commercial Officer at WiLD Leaders, Daniel drives strategic commercial initiatives, and other operations, product development, and marketing efforts that support the development of whole leaders. He is known for bringing energy and thoughtful research-based practices that actually make a difference.

Before WiLD, he spent over 12 years developing whole leaders in business, academic, and not-for-profit settings. He’s run his own coaching practice and has had experiences as a recruiter at Microsoft, a Career Management Consultant at Right Management Consultants, and in a leadership development role at Slalom, an award-winning consulting firm. He’s also served as a coach, professor, and advisor at three higher education institutions including Seattle Pacific University where he helped build a new graduate business program from the ground up.

Daniel has spoken at countless events, conferences, and professional associations. His research and writing focus on how to develop people and build authentic relationships founded on generosity. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University, his B.A. in Psychology from Northwest University and achieved Eagle Scout Rank with the Boy Scouts of America. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Kristin, and their three children. 


meganMegan Lawrence
Megan is the Events and Communications Lead at WiLD Leaders. Taking her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for communication and event planning into a company that focuses on the development of leaders is a combination of all her experiences into one role. Before WiLD, Megan was a wedding and event planner and florist in LA and has had a variety of roles in higher education, as well as managerial roles in small businesses. Megan has a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, and cares deeply about women in leadership and helping small businesses become efficient and effective. She’s married to her husband Mark and they have a beautiful son, Silas, and an awesome dog named Truvy.

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