Our Commitment

Heartbeat International proudly serves over 3,500 pregnancy help organizations. All of Heartbeat International’s affiliated pregnancy help providers, whether they are pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, or adoption services, make a commitment to serve their community with:

We're committed to Honesty     We're committed to Integrity     We're committed to Equality
Our Commitment at Heartbeat


Affiliates adopt “Our Commitment of Care and Competence.”


Our Commitment to Care Compentence 2024 Heartbeat Principles



Heartbeat's Program Policies

  • Heartbeat International does not promote abortion, abortifacients, or contraceptives.
  • Heartbeat International does not promote birth control (devices or medications) for family planning, population control, or health issues, including disease prevention.
  • Heartbeat International does promote God's Plan for our sexuality: marriage between one man and one woman, sexual intimacy, children, unconditional/unselfish love, and relationship with God must go together.
  • Heartbeat International does promote sexual integrity/sexual purity before marriage and sexual integrity faithfulness within marriage.
  • All Heartbeat International policies and materials are consistent with Biblical principles and with orthodox Christian (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox) ethical principles and teaching on the dignity of the human person and sanctity of human life.

Not all pregnancy centers offer medical services. If you have questions about the services offered at this pregnancy center, please ask to speak to a center representative.