Life Launch

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The Life Launch Grant was designed to intentionally inspire a new season of growth for pregnancy help centers in underserved communities in need of more life-saving outreach as an alternative to Big Abortion, and to help start-ups open their doors and advance pregnancy help to new communities in the U.S.

“Each of these stories is a snapshot of the life-affirming work that is being done in pregnancy help centers across the globe… These are the stories that remind us that every life is precious.”
Sara Littlefield, Grant Program Specialist

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Heartbeat's Life Launch Program helps pregnancy centers through consultation, resources, and training opportunities, as well as financial and operational support to those centers qualifying for the Life Launch Grant.

75% of our Life Launch recipients and approved awardees are located in counties that had gone without pregnancy help – primed for more life-saving outreach. Using the 2019 census for numbers, 1,977,509 individuals now have access to pregnancy help through Life Launch!

Pregnancy help centers bring hope to moms and give life to their babies. Heartbeat International would truly appreciate your generous support to help build one of these centers and continue spreading our life-affirming message of Reach, Rescue, and Renewal. 

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