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But where is He?

by Ashley Vance, RN, BSN, LAS, Heartbeat International Healthcare Team Manager

The saints will throw their crowns at His feet. The angels cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy!” Every knee will bow and tongue will confess.

He sits on the most glorious throne reigning over a kingdom so magnificent the streets are gold, and our human mind can’t even begin to comprehend it.

He is the ultimate power, love, truth, and righteousness.

But where is He?

He is everywhere, and He is with every single woman regretting her abortion. Imagine seeing all of them. From the beginning of time until the very last. Every single life lost from around this fallen world—He knows them by name.

He brought them into existence, lovingly knit them together, and cares so much for every single one.

He is with the woman in the bathroom desperately trying to throw up the pill, the one searching the internet from the parking lot of the abortion clinic, and the one who can’t sleep at night heartbroken over what she’s done.

He leads them, He guides them, He gives them eyes to see and ears to hear. He shows them love, mercy, and He guides them to APRN. The rescue, the hope, the second chance, and the network that loves them too!