Foot Soldiers Armed with Love

Foot Soldiers Cover

An artist who committed suicide after an abortion, a friend who had a dream about the artist and a pregnant girl in a dark woods, a Bishop who met a man on a train who accused the church of abandoning people in the dark woods . . . all this was used by the Lord, almost 40 years ago, to prompt one of Heartbeat’s founders to say “yes” to His call to provide light to those in darkness.

This story and others, including her personal story, is told by Peggy Hartshorn in Foot Soldiers Armed with Love: Heartbeat International’s First Forty Years.

Moving stories, mixed with historical pictures, and interesting facts about the thousands of heroic Foot Soldiers in the pregnancy help movement, will encourage you and illustrate how the Lord is using YOU to make abortion both unwanted now and unthinkable for future generations.

"As this history lovingly documents, from humble beginnings, Heartbeat International has grown to become one of the most significant and far-reaching pregnancy help ministries in the world. Heartbeat is involved in the active, day-to-day mission of touching individual lives with God's grace. I cannot imagine a more important calling than that!"

-Jim Daly

President, Focus on the Family

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