Heartbeat and PSSA join hands to fill a tall order in the Philippines

The mountain that PSSA climbs

Abortion is illegal in the Philippines – for now – and the sanctity of life is vigorously defended within this largely Catholic society.

Unfortunately, the global abortion lobby has  aggressive plans underway  that include introducing birth control hormones – a precursor of abortion – to young people through youth-friendly sexual/reproductive “health care services” and peer-counseling programs where youths “raise each others’ awareness” about  sexual experimentation. The plan involves campaigns to desensitize the population to the dangers of abortion and to spread the false science of “population explosion.” Programs train medical providers with “post-abortion services and training,” a smoke screen for training doctors to perform abortions.

U.S. tax dollars and Planned Parenthood underwrite plans like this. In August 2010, the Philippine government announced a collaborative, USAID strategy to implement a comprehensive marketing and communications plan in favor of “family planning,” a smoke screen to support efforts to legalize abortion.

See Taking back the dignity of women, a story about the work cut out for pregnancy help centers in the face of population-control realities worldwide.

Centers affiliated with Pregnancy Support Services of Asia (PSSA) fill a tall order helping women and families. Asia is a region of the world where abortion and other population control tools are the order of the day. In fact, for baby girls throughout Asia, the mother’s womb has become a very dangerous place. The Philippines was sheltered by law from this storm of abortion and the undercurrent of birth control – until Planned Parenthood went to work on Philippine cultural values and began lobbying the Philippine legislature to make abortion legal.

PSSA, founded by Lily Perez and headquartered in Manila, takes on the daily challenge of pregnancy support, thanks to the grace-filled vision that God gave to Lily over a decade ago.

This past month, PSSA has joined hands with Heartbeat International in a joint-affiliation agreement that makes more life-saving services available to PSSA’s pregnancy help centers.

At Heartbeat, we welcome the expansion of international affiliates and the access to the expertise and cultural understanding of Asian society that PSSA offers through its network of pro-life ministries. Heartbeat is also pleased that the joint affiliation will allow PSSA affiliates to benefit from Heartbeat affiliates the world over, our experience, and our tools. For example, PSSA affiliates will gain access to Heartbeat online trainings around the world and around the clock through the Heartbeat International Academy.

The idea for PSSA began at Heartbeat International’s annual conference in October 2004.  Lily, a longtime pro-life advocate from the Philippines, attended the Heartbeat Conference and became inspired to create an umbrella organization for pro-life pregnancy centers throughout Asia.  Heartbeat and PSSA began working together to bring leadership training including board management, postabortion healing, hotline counseling, and The LOVE Approach™ to PSSA affiliates. For example, in 2006, Heartbeat had the privilege of helping PSSA build capacity and leadership among Asian pregnancy help ministries by cosponsoring the Heart to Love Conference in the Philippines with PSSA. Over 180 individuals seeking training for pregnancy center ministries attended the conference.

“The growing reach of PSSA’s helping arms is a dream come true and an answered prayer for me in my personal mission of promoting life-affirming services in my country,” said Lily. “I am forever grateful to Peggy Hartshorn (Heartbeat International President) and Heartbeat International for sharing their passion for this ministry.”