Heartbeat International Retirement Program

It's for Everyone!

Absolutely everyone in the Heartbeat family, no matter the size of your organization or whether you already have a retirement plan can start a 403(b) or IRA. 

It's Faith-Based!

Investment Menus within Heartbeat Retirement Plans and IRAs can include options that avoid businesses involved in abortion as well as screening for companies involved in pornography, gambling, alcohol, and tobacco. That means your investments are able to go toward what you value!

It's Easy!

Envoy has made withholding and paying retirement funds as easy as paying payroll taxes!

If you are already using a Payroll service, your Payroll company can handle the withholding and payment of retirement funds as easily as they handle Federal, State, or Local Taxes.  Once the withholding has been set up with the payroll company, no additional work is required by the center!

Payroll firms have access to a secure web portal that Envoy created just for them. It only gives them access to the information needed to make payments on the center's behalf. All other information is unavailable thru the portal.

Firms like Apex, Paychex, ADP, and Paycor are already using the portal, and any other payroll firm can use it as well.

Centers are not required to use a Payroll Service. This option has simply been added as a convenience.

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