Life Trends Report

Life Trends 2020 CoverHeartbeat International and its network of nearly 3,000 pregnancy help organizations worldwide work tirelessly to provide hope and help to women and families experiencing unexpected pregnancies.

From this network of care, we can discover and evaluate trends within the movement as a whole and use them to inform and encourage others on the work accomplished.

The Life Trends Report exists to provide a snapshot of life-affirming pregnancy help. Having an awareness of the trends within the pregnancy help movement creates a better understanding as the culture changes and shifts over time.

The information within can be used to better understand the services our clients seek, while providing key information to share publicly about the good work and positive impact of pregnancy help.


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Findings from the Report:


  • There were 5,669,657 Client Visits at affiliate pregnancy help organizations in 2020 with 98% of clients reporting a positive experience.
  • 388,970 mothers chose life at a pregnancy help organization in 2019.
  • Every 81 seconds a woman makes a decision for life.
  • Of the over 6,800 pregnancy help organizations in the world, 42% are affiliated with Heartbeat International.

Our affiliate pregnancy help centers (PHCs) offer a broad range of services from abstinence education and STD testing/treatment, to Abortion Pill Rescue and parenting classes.

  • 74% provide Abortion Recovery services.
  • 9% are part of the Abortion Pill Rescue Network.
  • 74% provide ultrasound.
  • 59% provide incentive programs for clients.
  • 29% provide STD Testing.
  • 80% of women considering an abortion choose life when they see an ultrasound.

Abortion Trend: Chemical Abortion

Chemical abortions have been increasingly preferred by abortion providers for years. We estimate an even larger increase in 2020 than originally predicted, due to the suspension of rules under the guise of COVID-19 that allowed for telemed abortion pills.


Life Trend: Abortion Pill Reversal

Heartbeat's Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) connects women who regret taking the first dose of the abortion pill regimen to a network of medical professionals trained to administer the reversal protocol.

  • 2,000+ lives have been saved since 2012, according to statistics
  • 763 lives were saved in 2020 through APR
  • 1,000+ medical professionals are a part of the APRN
  • 150 mission-critical calls to APRN each month on average
  • Women in all 50 states and 46 countries contacted APRN in 2020
  • 91% increase in reversal starts from 2019 to 2020

Life Trend: Option Line

Option Line's 24/7 pregnancy helpline is a resource that proved critically important in 2020, as many pregnancy centers were able to forward all phone calls to Option Line when they were forced to temporarily close their doors due to COVID-19.

  • 59% of contact via phone
  • 38% of contact via chat
  • 2% contact via text
  • 1% contact via email
  • Option Line connects someone to life-saving help every 88 seconds

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