Sarah and Peyton GraceSarah Seely

Hi, my name is Sarah; I was 16 when I found out that I was pregnant.  First, I told my boyfriend whose response was, “get an abortion”. I always thought of myself as prolife but being in the situation made me think twice. I told my parents about my pregnancy and they advised me to see my youth pastor who referred me to College Area Pregnancy Services (CAPS), a pro-life clinic not far from my house. We called and were seen the next day. At CAPS I received one on one care and counseling. They were truly interested in me and my story and how they could support me.

I was still unsure of what decision to make and my boyfriend and his family wanted me to go to an “unbiased” counseling session, so they sent us off to Planned Parenthood, when I arrived, there were flies in the waiting room and glass covering the workers. They were very rude and gave me a couple of pages to fill out. I was called in and forced to take a pregnancy test. I had already taken 3 or 4 at this time, I knew I was pregnant, and I had repeatedly told them I was just there for the counseling. I just wanted to talk to someone. I was finally called back in and sat in a room with a lady. She basically told me I was pregnant and the different ways they were going to perform the abortion. I told herI wasn’t sure that’s the route I wanted to take and asked if they had any young mothers support groups or information on adoption because I wanted to consider my options.

She said I don’t know, dug through here file cabinet and pulled out one sheet of paper, an internet print out of a list of adoption agencies,  said she didn’t know anything about support groups and that was that. I walked out to find that we now owed them $35 for a pregnancy test I didn’t need and “counseling” that no where fit the definition of that word. I was astounded and repulsed.

After that visit I went to Silent Voices to get more information and was given pamphlets on all my options. There they talked to me, told me their stories and really helped me through the whole process. They were kind and patient with me. They were there to help, and help they did. I also returned to CAPS for a sonogram since Silent Voices isn’t a clinic and doesn’t give medical care.  Both centers helped me in my decision through prayer, support and their personal attention to me.

I decided to keep my baby, Grace was born November 27, 2011.  She is 8 months now and the love of my life. I now have new plans. I graduated from Grossmont High School with honors in spring and am registered for community college in the fall. I plan on transferring to a university and becoming a labor and delivery nurse so I can see the wonderful gift of life bring joy to families daily.  

I am so grateful to the people that volunteered their time at Silent Voices and CAPS they saved not only one life but two.  So, thank you for helping a teen mother in her time of need.

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