My Baby’s Feet: Choice, Death, and the Aftermath

My Baby's Feet: Choice, Death and the AftermathBook by Sheila M. Luck
Review by April Ponto

At 17 years old, with no hope or help, Sheila M. Luck chose to abort her unborn child in the face of an unexpected pregnancy. She traces her story of abortion, from loss to healing, in My Baby’s Feet: Choice, Death, and the Aftermath.

For years, Luck denied the humanity and personhood of her aborted child to justify what she believed to have been the right decision for her pregnancy. However, as time passed, she came face-to-face with the truth of her situation, which led her to expose the truth of her previous abortion to her children, husband, and family members.  

This book is a beautiful and true account of the author’s journey from death to life. She opens her heart to readers so that they may walk in the light of Christ, even as she has.

Each chapter is ensconced in the truth, freedom, and restorative work of God, revealed through Scripture and woven together in a remarkable narrative of Christ’s redemptive work through His suffering, death, and resurrection.

This is not merely a book written for women who have experienced the pain and loss of abortion, but it is for men and women alike who are interested in women’s reproductive choices.

Note: Sheila M. Luck will be leading a workshop, Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame, at the 2013 Heartbeat International Annual Conference April 3-5 in Dallas, Texas.