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Consider Joining the Abortion Pill Rescue Network!

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Christian was rescued from a chemical abortion in 2016.

What should a woman do if she starts a chemical abortion and has regrets?

A woman who would like to learn more about reversing the effects of chemical abortion and possibly continuing her pregnancy should call the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) hotline at 877-558-0333 or go to the APR website to begin a live chat. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network™ (APRN) has nurses waiting to answer questions, explain reversal, and connect her with an APR provider in her area.

How does a medical professional enroll in the Abortion Pill Rescue Network?

Healthcare professionals with prescribing privileges can go to our provider website, click Join Our Medical Network, and specify that you would like to "provide progesterone treatment.” After receiving the information, we will confirm eligibility and add the medical provider and/or clinic to the APR Provider list. This list is used by our nurses when a client in your area requests a reversal.

We will also send you the APR Kit, which includes a program description, protocol, and documents used throughout the reversal process as well as several research articles.

How do Pregnancy Help Organizations enroll in the Abortion Pill Rescue Network?

A Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic (PHMC) offering APR services provides progesterone by dispensing onsite or through a prescription, confirming the viability and dating of the pregnancy with ultrasound, and the prescribing physician sees the patient (either at the center or in his/her office), ideally within 72 hours.

The other option for centers is to become a "consulting" center. These centers educate and refer for APR and offer free ultrasounds. They seek funding for clients in their community who cannot pay for the progesterone prescription or appointment. And they offer pregnancy and community support for women who have attempted reversal. This is the link to enroll as an APR provider or consulting center.

For more information about APRN, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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APRN Medical Director, Dr. Brent Boles, and APRN Advisory Team: Dr. Matt Harrison, Dr. George Delgado, Dr. William Lile, Dr. Julie McDonald, Dr. Karen Poehailos and Dr. Catherine Stark.