Zayda and Delia Jo's Story

Delia Jo 1

When I found out I was pregnant I was very, very scared and in shock. I was only 14 years old.

My Granny googled “closest pregnancy center” and read some reviews about Reliance and suggested that I make an appointment.

When I went to Reliance, I was really nervous, but they were all so kind. When I got the results that I was for sure pregnant – I felt my heart drop because I knew that my life was changing and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to keep this baby.

I wanted an abortion because I knew that my life would change and I thought that I couldn’t rodeo anymore and my parents wouldn’t support me. I even thought that my boyfriend Cole would not want me to keep the baby. Neither of us knew what abortion really was, but we just knew we weren’t ready to be parents.

After the test, I went into the ultrasound room and when I saw my baby, she had arms and legs…the first thought that came to my mind was “that is my baby!” I knew then that abortion wasn’t an option.

My Granny came in and saw the ultrasound and the nurse gave me so much helpful information. The next day I told my mom, and her reaction was way better than I thought. I saw that I did have support.

Reliance made my whole pregnancy easier and helped me see the value of my life and my baby’s life.

Zayda and Delia Jo ID

Cole, my boyfriend, even says that if it wasn’t for Reliance, he knows that our daughter Delia wouldn’t be here.

People tell you that it’s just a clump of cells and Reliance helped us see that it was a baby with a heart and a beautiful life. I attended childbirth classes and have received so much material support when I couldn’t afford to buy formula and diapers.

The support at Reliance is amazing – we couldn’t do this without them. Delia is 2 years old now and I can’t imagine my life without her. I have started to rodeo again, and Delia loves horses. My life is incredible, not easy, but it’s so worth it…Reliance helped me see that.

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