Acacia Boyes

Acacia and Acton

Acacia Boyes

My name is Acacia Boyes; I live in Casper, Wyoming, where I work as an administrative assistant at an oilfield company.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a mistake. I was instantly overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, and thought maybe it was too early on for an accurate test. Either way, I needed to know for sure.

My concerns about having a child were mainly focused on issues going on in my life at the time. I was no longer seeing the child’s father, I’d recently lost my job, and I didn’t even have a consistent roof over my head.

My greatest fears about bringing a child into this world were the fact I was going to be doing this 100 percent by myself, and fear of how my friends and family would react to the news. They knew I wasn’t ready, either physically or mentally, to bring another human being into this world.

When I first saw the blue positive symbol on my pregnancy test, the thought of having an abortion immediately crossed my mind. I had never been one to consider abortion, but that changed the moment I found myself staring at that positive test.

In all honesty, I wasn’t even considering parenting this child in those early moments. I started looking online for abortion clinics and information, while the father of my child pushed for an abortion, reinforcing my persistent fear of failure.

In fact, my child’s father kept reminding me of how chaotic my life already was, and made it clear to me that choosing to parent my child would be the worst decision I’d ever make.

As I searched for options, I ran across the website and phone number for True Care Women’s Resource Center. I called and made an appointment, hoping against hope that I my test was a false positive and I would have to carry out the only decision I felt I had.

While my pregnancy test was being confirmed, I had time to talk with the client advocate at True Care. As emotions flooded every inch of my body, she listened to me. She heard all about my fears, my worries, and my struggles—both past and present.

She knew what I was facing. She listened attentively without passing judgment on my thoughts and concerns.

I told her I felt God had given me a second chance at life because I had recently survived an accident. Maybe this pregnancy had something to do with what God was doing. She handed me a Bible, as well as pamphlets on abortion, adoption and parenting—all three of which outlined the physical and emotional affects abortion can have on women.

I began to see I had purpose. The people at True Care ultimately helped me choose to carry my baby to term as I realized my purpose along the way. No matter how alone I felt at the beginning—and, at times, throughout—there were people there for me.

True Care gave me hope in my future. They helped me see that my decision regarding the outcome of my pregnancy would affect me for the rest of my life. The obstacles I faced at the time were only temporary. This child was the best gift I could ever have been given, and this was all happening for a reason.

I knew my child and I were destined for great things, whether we were alone or not.

The moment I saw what looked like a little poppy seed on the ultrasound and the little flicker of the heartbeat, I felt so sad that I had even thought about aborting this child. I had a sense of hope—everything was going to be okay.

My experience True Care is something I can’t put entirely into words. They helped me every step of the way, providing referrals for doctors, apartments, health and emotional issues, counseling, even exercise tips, nutrition facts and other resources. I was so blessed to be a part of the Baby and Me program, which educated me on every stage of my pregnancy. True Care also provided me with prenatal vitamins, as well as other things I lacked.

They gave me the hope and determination I needed to be the best parent possible.

As my pregnancy progressed, my relationship the father of my baby dwindled. Yet, as that relationship fizzled, my strength and ambition grew. I was given a sense of empowerment: I was carrying a child who would ultimately save my life.

Having my baby made numerous differences in my life. Everything from who I hang out with to what daily decisions I make have changed since I became a mother. My child’s needs come before my own, and they have ever since I first saw him on the ultrasound screen. What I saw that day was the beginning of the rest of my life.

My hope for my son is that he never gives up, that he never takes the easy way out—no matter how difficult the process may be. I hope he grows up to believe in himself as much as I believe in him.

My dream is that my sweet baby will fulfill his purpose as I’m fulfilling mine in raising him. My little boy brightens a room with his contagious smile, and his laugh makes my world a better place.

Everything happens for a reason. Axton is my reason.

If I had not come to True Care, I know I would now be filled with regret. Between parenting and abortion, I know I would’ve chosen the latter. True Care gave me all the resources I needed to make the best decision not only for my future, but for the future of my unborn child.

To any woman who is going through an unexpected pregnancy, because of pregnancy centers like True Care, you are never alone. From the second you walk in their doors, there is someone to talk to, as well as programs and resources that offer hope that transform your fears into confidence.

They help you to know you are never alone. The love and attention True Care gave me and my child provided a sense of comfort and relief in making a decision that will change our lives forever, and that is true for every woman who finds help at True Care and other places like it.

Now that my son is here, they have continued to be a part of our lives, and they’re still available to answer any questions I have.

The day I walked into True Care, I walked into a facility full of strangers. Now, when I walk through those doors, I enter a place filled with family.