Kristina and Christian

Kristina’s Story

Christian—August 5, 2016

Christian as an infant editTwenty-five and single, Kristina was not ready to be a parent, so she took the abortion pill. After talking with her mother, she realized she made the wrong decision and sought hard to find a way to reverse it. After traveling to multiple emergency rooms desperate to find a medical professional who could help, a doctor finally agreed to try the Abortion Pill Rescue Protocol. “I can’t promise this will work, but I will prescribe you the progesterone and I really hope for the best.”

“At that moment, the doctor saved my baby. And my life!” Kristina rejoices.

After many doctor visits, many questions and concerns, Kristina gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy named Christian!

“Words could never describe the love and life this reversal has given me. Thank you to all the people who work to provide this information. They are truly angels.”