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Her Problem:

  • She feels alone
  • She encounters relentless marketing promoting abortion
  • She feels forced to make a quick decision
  • She knows few options beyond abortion
  • She has medical questions and concerns

Her Solution: 
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The Option Line contact center answers cries for help 24/7/365, provides bilingual service every hour, and connects with 1,100 abortion shoppers each day providing them with immediate care and connecting them to life-affirming pregnancy help. Since 2003, more than 5 Million women have contacted Option Line for help.

You have an opportunity to bring hopeful messages about options, resources, and the value of a child to key influencers.

  • The average woman is uninformed about life-affirming pregnancy options when abortion shopping
  • Help prepare her influencers with critical language that supports her and encourages life decisions
  • We need to combat the increased selling of abortion by Big Media
  • Potential Reach = Nearly 100M for each Cable-TV commercial and digital campaign

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