My name is Kahlia Page. I am 5 months pregnant and a resident at the Northwest Center Maternity Home. I have been living here for almost 2 months and the feeling of love, support and structure has filled my heart. The stability of this program has allowed me to re-evaluate myself and my life, to not only be a strong independent woman, but most importantly a strong and successful mother.

I am 24 years of age with a bright future ahead of me, but before I was welcomed into the maternity home, I was homeless, pregnant, and without any family support. I have always been one to dream big and push hard through difficulties, but at this point I was lost and didn't know which way to turn. Without stability and structure it's really hard to see clearly and focus on the goals I have set for myself. Abortion definitely wasn't an option, although being pregnant and homeless wasn't at all easy, I knew with prayer and faith, I wouldn't be there for long. Then with one call and determination, my prayers were answered.

The most important thing about the Northwest Center is that not only do they give us a home they provide all the tools we need to learn how to be great mothers. Also, they encourage us to get into school (which would have been impossible without stability) and to work so that we are able to support ourselves. What I love the most is that they don't enable us, they simply hand us the tools and guide us!!! The staff are awesome and always keep us motivated to succeed. My life has hit a major turning point since I have moved here and without them I would probably still be trying to find my way. They are truly a blessing to not just me, but to any mother or mother to be who truly wants to be successful... I will definitely leave here new and improved.