We called the Pregnancy Care Center not really knowing what to expect...

My wife Ahna and I want to share our story of how the Pregnancy Care Center helped turn a difficult time in our lives into a much welcomed blessing. In July of 2009, we thought Ahna was pregnant. Ahna and I both had just turned 17, about to be seniors in High School. We were terrified about what would happen and how we would be viewed and if we would even be able to make it.

Ahna and I called PCC not really knowing what to expect. Ahna explained our situation and they were very understanding, so we set up an appointment to come in for a pregnancy test. We came in and found out that Ahna was indeed pregnant. So many thoughts went through our minds of how we would tell our parents, family and friends.Our mentor helped us through this difficult time. Ahna and I began discussing marriage. At PCC, I was able to talk to my mentor and get his advice. You see, I loved Ahna very much and I had planned on one day marrying her. I eventually proposed. We continued coming to the center for relationship classes, fatherhood classes, healthy pregnancy classes and to see our mentor.

With the help of Pregnancy Care Center and their wonderful staff and volunteers, Ahna and I were able to get the help and support that we so greatly needed. Now we have a beautiful daughter named Emma Grace. I know that our lives may have gone in a different direction if not for PCC. I’m an 18 year-old husband and father, and it’s the greatest experience I will ever have.




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