Life Reach Global FAQs

Life Reach Global FAQs


Will all of my donation be sent to the international organization?

Generally all designated donations will be forwarded to the organization less any costs for transferring monies. In some cases an affiliation fee and/or an administrative fee (not exceed 3% of the gift) will be deducted. Current affiliation with Heartbeat is a minimum requirement for participation in the program and the international organization is given the option to pay directly or have affiliation fees deducted. (Currently the annual affiliation cost for an international organization is $70USD.)

In the unexpected event that an international organization is not able to receive the donation (i.e. discontinuing operation, disruption in communication, lapsing affiliation) Heartbeat reserves the right to return the gift to the donor or redirect funds to a similar international purpose.


What are “money transfer costs”?

Money transfer costs are the fees and charges associated with moving monies from our U.S. bank to the international organization. Usually money transfer costs include currency exchange fees and charges for an electronic transfer option (bank wire transfer, online money transfer, etc.). Bank wire transfers generally are a fixed cost (i.e. $40USD) while online money transfer requires a “transaction fee” which is usually a small percentage of the overall amount of the transaction (similar to credit card costs).


How soon will the international organization receive donated funds?

After internal processing of the gift, we will forward the funds to the international organization on, at least, a quarterly basis. However, amounts forwarded need to substantially exceed money transfer costs.  Example, a single gift of $20USD might cost $40USD to transfer (assuming it’s to a country that does not permit online money transfers). In such cases, the donation will be held for additional donations to accrue to make the transfer of funds beneficial to the receiving organization.


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Heartbeat International will receipt all donations, usually as an immediate response to your gift given online via the specific campaign page. As a donor to Heartbeat, you should also expect to receive follow-up information about Heartbeat International and its missional efforts. As always you can unsubscribe to email sends and/or communicate directly with us to limit future communications. Heartbeat never sells donor information.


Will the international organization receive my donor information?

Heartbeat International will only pass along donor contact information and not any transactional information (like credit card or banking numbers) so that the receiving organization is in a position to thank their donors and provide additional information about their life-affirming outreach. A donor may opt to remain anonymous by checking the appropriate box at the time of making the gift.


Can I give my donation directly to the international organization?

Yes, anyone can provide funding directly to a worthwhile work outside the U.S.; however, such donations will likely not be tax deductible since international organizations are not recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.).  Heartbeat International is able to receive such gifts and receipt for tax deductions because of our international mission and having taken the appropriate I.R.S. steps.

If tax deductibility is not a concern (giving already from a foundation or existing non-profit) then the primary benefit for a gift through Heartbeat is to leverage our connection with the international organization. Each organization is vetted through an approval process that includes length of affiliation (more than one year) and other proof of program activities and outcomes.


We’re a U.S. pregnancy help organization. Can we give directly to the international organization?

Yes, a U.S. non-profit can generally give a contribution to an international organization as long as there is clear missional alignment (identified within your articles, by-laws) and that of the intended international organization. If it is desired to regularly fund an international organization or multiple organizations your U.S. non-profit should investigate I.R.S. regulations and enact appropriate steps as Heartbeat has done.


Will Heartbeat receive funds for a group not on its approved list?

Heartbeat International cannot take responsibility for directed donations apart from our current list of approved organizations and joint affiliation partners. We welcome introductions to new life-affirming pregnancy help organizations outside the U.S. Affiliation with Heartbeat is always the first step toward a potential future listing through our Life Reach Global program. If the gift is received through our campaign page directed to a non-approved organization, Heartbeat’s options are to contact the donor for re-allocation, return (credit) the gift back to the donor or redirect the gift within the program.


How does a current or prospective Heartbeat international affiliate become part of the Life Reach Global program?

Interested life-affirming pregnancy help organizations need to complete the application process in its entirety for consideration in the Life Reach Global program. Current affiliation for at least 12 months is the first prerequisite. 


Does Heartbeat International actively promote the individual international organizations in the Life Reach Global program?

Heartbeat International accepts no responsibility for advertising or promoting individual organizations involved in the Life Reach Global program apart from establishing the funding opportunity on our website and providing a related listing and donation page. From time to time we may highlight the program and potential success stories within it. Participating organizations should promote their participation in the program and their campaign page to their current and prospective supporters.