AFLA Newsletter: Reaching the Batwa People of Uganda



Update from AFLA President Barbra N. Mwansa:
"Afla continues to be excited about what God continues to do on the continent of Africa. Just like our mission, we have continued to present the trainings on the sanctity of human life to all nations, even in inhabited places. The sanctity of human life message brings light to all darkness, breaks the chains of the evil one and saves lives, even the unborn from abortion.

Afla, in partnership with Beautiful Feet International, has an opportunity to train the Batwa people of Uganda. From history, the Batwa people have their own creation story. According to the Batwa people, their creator gave some people height, others he gave them prosperous land, but to the Batwa there were no more such gifts to give out, so he gave them the rainforest. When they were evicted by the government in the 1990’s, they felt God had rejected them.
It is then the greatest opportunity for Afla and Beautiful Feet to visit and train with God’s love and message of life.
You all faithful and good friends of Afla have continued to stand with us as we continue to serve on the continent of Africa. Your prayers and support are always highly appreciated. We value your support and prayers so much; without your effort we would have not have 258 affiliates on the continent of Africa.
Thanks a lot for moving with us."



(Text and photo taken from AFLA newsletter)