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UgandaLogoSilent voices Uganda is an interdenominational organization which was founded in 2009 registered as community based organization in 2012 having found out that there were rampant cases of abortion especially among school girls and young women leading to death of babies and their mothers as a result of abortion.

Although the clergy, Christians and the community condemn it there was no effort put to actively sensitize society and institutions about the dangers, physical complications of abortion and its long term effects and in addition train these girls in skills for self-reliance and sustainable livelihood.

So our VISION is promoting openness, tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation as a means of protecting life and sustainable development.

Our MISSION is carrying out sensitization on abortion, reconciliation, mobilization and skills acquisition on to common action plan of development.


Client Testimony

 UgandaMomSilent voices Uganda since its inception has sensitized over 3,000 school girls and boys in schools such as Halycon High School, Jeressah High School, Bethany Girls senior Secondary School, Cross roads Soroti Senior Secondary School, Light Secondary School, Manafa Secondary School Pioneer Primary School, Aminit Vocational Institute. We have reached 120 young mothers with social material support such as clothing, soap. Out of family resources and since we started this vision in 2009, we have now registered young single mothers who have been a abandoned by the boys who impregnated them and then they run away, leaving them with no help and this group is over 3,000 young mothers in the districts where silent voices operates from.

Silent voices Uganda carries out pregnancy tests in schools when girls return after voices and many of them who are found testing positive in pregnancy are encouraged to keep the pregnancy and then return to school after delivery which has been successful.

Silent voices helped 3 girls to return to school and two of them have finished courses in teaching and Midwifery. It’s upon these that we request for your support in terms of finances, training and pregnancy facility development. We will greatly appreciate your support in any way which is possible to you.



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All financial gifts received designated for our approved “alliance” affiliates will be forwarded to them in a reasonable timeframe (usually upon exceeding $250US). Heartbeat International deducts $30 plus 3% from the transfer, to help defray internal cost for money transfers, currency conversion, clerical costs, bank fees and any processing fees that might be charged. Should any funds be unable to be forwarded – primarily related to the recipient - they may be re-allocated for similar international work.

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