Matennah's Story

Alpha Pregnancy Services saves lives and builds families; to that I can testify. Here is my story:

I first learned about Alpha while flipping through the yellow pages in 2008. However, I did not take advantage of their services until a couple years later, when I learned of my second pregnancy.

In November of 2010 I went to my family doctor to get on birth control, only to learn I was pregnant. My boyfriend and the doctor were very happy, but Me? I was full of questions, in disbelief, and scared. I had a two year old at the time and was thinking, “What was I going to do with another child?”

My boyfriend was very sure about having our child, and did not think about how we were going to take care of two children, with only our part time jobs. Concerned, I decided to reach out to family. Some shared their disappointment and wished me luck; others suggested abortion was the best solution for me. Abortion had never crossed my mind, though I felt it was something to look into.

Then I went to the doctor. She told me that I still had time if I was thinking of abortion. The ultrasound showed I was having identical twins. With shock, I cried like a child. By this time my boyfriend was in jail and I felt alone and scared. Also, more overwhelmed and confused than ever. Some felt twins were all the more reason to abort. To me—I felt twins were a blessing and all the more reason not to.

I decided to carry to term. I felt the only local support I had was my boyfriend and my daughter. Then I turned to Alpha for help. I have been working closely with Jamie and Sue since I was four months pregnant. They have helped me with everything a friend, doctor, mother, and auntie could have helped me with, and more. At one point I only had God, my family, and Alpha in my corner. They were still supporting and motivating me to keep going.

Alpha did not only help me become a good mother, they helped me build a stronger relationship with God, myself and my family. Alpha is the one place on earth I can go to and know I will not be judged, and I can leave with a change for the better at every visit. My New Year’s resolution is to make sure that Alpha and programs like these are heard about, so when the opportunity came to go to Congress, I felt grateful to be a part of it.