Three abortion appointments, now we're going to Congress...

At the age of 14, I learned that I was pregnant. I felt like my world literally came to an end! I knew my mom was going to be disappointed and upset. I didn’t know how I was going to continue school. My dream was to one day work in the dental industry as a dentist. My first thought was to get an abortion. I also knew that abortion was something I could never think of. When I made my first appointment with Family Planning and Associates in Montclair, CA, I cancelled it because I knew I couldn’t go through with it. The same thing happened with my second and third appointments.

I knew my boyfriend wanted me to get an abortion because he kept telling me, “If we don’t do this now, what are we going to do with a child?” The last appointment that I made, my boyfriend made sure to go with me. I felt very scared and angry at my boyfriend for pressuring me to get the abortion.
The day I arrived at Family Planning and Associates in Montclair, I saw people standing outside of the clinic. A caring lady walked up to my boyfriend’s car and told me that I didn’t have to go through with this. I knew in that moment that I would keep my baby.  

A Women’s Care Center was an amazing answer to my prayers! The wonderful volunteers and financial supporters provided me with emotional and spiritual support, and also met all of my pre and post-pregnancy needs. A wonderful Christian Dentist became my mentor and helped guide me through the trials of dental school.

Because A Women’s Care Center provided me with amazing support, I was able to maintain my4.0 GPA throughout my pregnancy and achieve some of my goals working as a dental assistant! I remember that I always prayed to God to help me make the right decision. Now I am a proud, working mother to Michael who is 4years old. I thank God for sending the pregnancy care center to help Michael and I through what could have been the most horrific event in our lives and because of the pregnancy care center, we are both living meaningful, productive lives!