Nadya's Story


nadya1When she found out she was pregnant, she was terrified.  Nadya was living at a house share with 6 other strangers, with community kitchen, living space, etc.  She knew this wasn’t an environment where she could raise a baby, and she wasn’t sure she could raise a baby at all.  She came to the Women’s Center - Lebanon for an appointment.  She remembers the nurse sharing ultrasound pictures, and leading her through the process of finding care providers, and setting up health care coverage.  She was no longer covered under her parent’s insurance. 

She left that day feeling very uneasy and scared.  She did consider other options.  It was coming down to ending that life, or continuing it.  Nadya made an appointment with Planned Parenthood.  She went to the 1st of two scheduled appointments, paid her fee, and heard lots of stories from the other women in the waiting room.  She kept the next appointment, although she didn’t want to .


She found that she couldn’t sleep well the night before, when she got up in the morning, she couldn’t move.  Even though she had so much on 

her mind, and wasn’t sure how she was going to do it, she just could not go to the appointment.  She describes it as a huge weight off of her shoulders, a sigh of relief came over her. 

She continued to receive follow up calls from the Women’s Center, helping her throughout the pregnancy and offering services.  She was told everything was going to be okay, and she had much time to think things through.  She arrived at a point of understanding.  As soon as her baby was born, there was an instant connection.