Option Line Plus

OL PlusOption Line has enhanced their service to strengthen the bridge for pregnancy help during hours when your center may not be available. They have added nurses to their team of professionally trained consultants! This enhanced service is called Option Line Plus.

How it Started

For the average pregnancy help center, 24/7 availability is impractical, and in many cases impossible. More than 20 years ago, Option Line began serving in the gap that exists during hours when pregnancy help organizations cannot be available. They have been serving as your 24/7/365 bilingual pregnancy help hotline—not only serving clients via phone, but through text, chat, email, and cutting-edge self-service tools on their website.

In the age of at-home abortion, pregnancy help must be available to clients the moment they reach out. Upon recognizing the invaluable impact education from a medical professional can have on women making such choices, they began a careful process of testing the addition of nurses to their team more than a year ago. The protocol for Option Line Plus was developed by leaders from our own Medical Impact team at Heartbeat International, all of whom have experience in pregnancy help centers—their expertise and understanding of your work informs every aspect of this project.

How it Works

During critical hours when most pregnancy help centers are not open, Option Line consultants can now schedule clients for a one-time educational call with a nurse. These calls are typically scheduled within 2 hours of the client’s initial contact, and scheduled calls have a show rate of more than 90%. During their interaction with an Option Line Plus consultant, a client will receive valuable education, better understand the value of visiting your pregnancy help organization, and finally, will be referred to or scheduled for an appointment at your center. When nurses are not on calls, they also answer chats, emails, and text messages.

What You Need to Do

As an affiliate, not a thing! As with all services Option Line provides to affiliates, Option Line Plus serves your center at no cost to you. If you haven’t been forwarding calls to them and would like to, we welcome you to start today! To learn more about how to become an affiliate, click here.


Option Line and Option Line Plus should not be used for emergency or urgent care needs. In the case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. The information provided through this service is for informational purposes only. The nurses cannot provide medical diagnosis or recommend or provide treatment, and they are not a substitute for your doctor's care. Your health information is kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws.

For questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..